The Greatness : A Sport Freewrite.

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The cry let out of his mouth was very loud. You can imagine how everyone got distracted by the loud shout for attention. Those who were murmuring all sort of things kept there voice low.
Saying to themselves,
"Can't the mother attend to this child"
"This is a gathering for heaven's sake"
"Someone should give him a toy to play".

Lydia didn't bother at all, she knows her son very well and things that easily wipe the tears away. A zebra socks, a jersey, a football.

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The boy didn't just like it alone, he loved it because he has seen his father in the mirror in that manner and he want to looks like the great football legend at all cost. Even at a tender age of eight. Greatness has start to boil in the heart of this man.


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Prompt : Zebra Socks