The Hidden Blow : A Sports Freewrite.

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The truth is, if we had been conscious of what has been happening here, maybe our plight wouldn't have been as bad as this. Looking at the team mates, there heads are down, the defeat sank in so deep I am sure eating the dinner will be hard. If you care to ask,and how did this whole sad scenario started. It was right here. Right here when the coach started some bad behavior that later proved to be detrimental to the team's health.

First was the abuse, the club managers got to know of it. Instead of speaking up and nip the thing in the bud, they went on to clinch the semi-final ticket with there win. Though the game was hard, it took all the energy needed to qualify but the win came in to crown there effort.

The final ticket was more like the second world war on the field. The sweat sowed into taking the trophy could fall as rain on a village and make an erosion. The opponent has seen that he was powerless and will forever be as far as this game is concerned. So they device the ultimate weapon, unleash the secret evil of the team, the coach, the club managers, the match fixing at group stage and many more.

The blow hit hard, hard and so deep some of the team mates wanted to fight on the field right there when it was announced.

The match was annuled and the opponent was handed the winning trophy unanimously.

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So ended a career, team mates dream of winning a golden boot, a goal keeper dream of being handed the golden glove. Over a crime that has been under the carpet for more than a year. And what are they.

The sexual abuse of a former mid-field player, racism against a forward player. One of the goal keeper has been psychologically abuse by the coach. The list is endless, many files has been lost in the midst of the bribery.



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