The Hot Game : A Sports Freewrite.

To suspend the game wasn't a surprise, the girls weren't comfortable any more. Fatigue was setting in, the scorching sun 🌞 wasn't of any help. Still, they played on drawing on the need to qualify for the game at all cost. This will surely be the last time we will all be here for Christ sake, I said in my mind.

images - 2021-01-11T202858.961.jpeg

I guess the officials were looking at the whole thing, before players starts to faint and the possible cause being a new outbreak of a disease of which no organization wants there name to be on the front page of the media for. They blew the whistle. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief and sluggishly walked off the field.

I tried greeting each one as they were coming to the shed to rest, patting each on the back, saying a little "well-done girls" to them, there head bowed down. My eyes caught Linda, the forward player, she hid her bruises behind the jersey, she knew I'll get concerned about her. I looked away instantly.

Days after, on the training field, the girls start to speak up, it wasn't pleasant what they were saying, playing in such a harsh weather condition should have been looked at by the game organizer.

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