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I can't second guess why we are having this meeting with the board of directors, there sole aim is to tear down this team because they aren't seeing the profit and passion of the game in here anymore. Entering with eyes wide lit I knew there is a lot to do, convince them that we are still able to clinch the trophy, impress them with the players we've had and the little records we've ammased over time, the praises of our player both home and away. I've draft my bullet, ready to launch.


But there look sent another message to me, something wasn't right, I tried as much as possible to guess before hand and insert that into my arsenal but couldn't figure it out yet. To ask humbly was the best option.

"What's going here?" I asked.
"This son of a bitch board members just sold off the team for good, not thinking of the players, the kind we've created among our boys and all. They sold it all" He said with deep emotion of regret in his face. Each of them wearing an insane hat.

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This story reminds me of one of the oldest fish houses in my town, the fishermen who fished at night came in one morning to weigh their catch and were told the fish house was sold and is now going to be a restaurant. They had to take their catch elsewhere, some had been fishing for this company for 35 to 40 years. They were not even told of the sale.

Oh my, very sorry to hear that