Winning From Under : A SPORT FREEWRITE.


Copy of Freewrite.png
None knew the drill
All we saw was win
From field to field
Pitch to pitch
The thrashing was real
Opponents couldn't stand it
We were wining the league
Up above and down beneath
Fans were going gaga at our kicks
Not knowing the secret
We enjoyed the standing ovation and kisses
Social media chants and twitter tweets
Knowing fully well the deal
Deep underground the basement
Lies this dark totem
Deep enshrined in our emblem
An efigy, spells of enchantment
To win and to loose
As the idol choose
Deep underground was it done
To make the match fun
He chants and curse
Raining miseries on our opponent
To misunderstood, get home goals
A miss, a kick above the post
For them, a match with no goal
While we shake the net
The trophies came in trolls
Bearing our name
On a platter of deep underground
Dark world of trophy.
An entry into @mariannewest everyday freewrite.