Olympic Rings Home Training: Part 1: Chest Press

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Hi there, all Bees of the Hive! ;)

Stay fit and strong with Olympic Rings.
I love my rings, they are the perfect
"mobile gym" and one of the best upper body
Calisthenics you can do.

This is the Home Setup

You need a framework or any other
attachment, that can carry min. 300 kg.
No lightweight stuff, when you "hang in"
there with full body weight.
My weight is around 90 kg.

Buy Quality Rings

I recommend pro sports wooden rings.
Wood feels sooo much better than plastic.
No matter what material you wanna use,
please buy a quality product.
You buy cheap, you probably buy twice.
My sister just bought some cheap ass wooden
rings and complained with the first use about
chips coming of the rings.
I never had that problem.
"Chalk them up" regularly and they become real

Chest Press

Find the right length of the strap system for you.
The longer, the tougher.
Basically it works like a TRX System you might
know (from your gym). But the rings are the magic ;)
Your hand has reflex zones like your foot, and the shape
of the rings work and shape your body much nicer
than gripping a stiff bar (which i still do like 20-30%).
Important with this chest press, and any other exercise
on the rings...is the body tension.
This makes it so intense and works your body nice.

15-20 Reps

My normal reps with this strap length are 15
for Chest Press.
In this video i show you 2 x 20 + 1 x 15.
A lot of exercises are possible with this setup.
I will show you all of them ;)

One more Warning

If you buy a quality product, you should get
a strap system with a clamp, where you "feed
web" from behind. The web/strap makes a
180 turn.



i will show you more exercises and where
i traveled already with my rings.
Like i said in the beginning...the perfect
"mobile gym" ;)

Stay blessed and fit

and if you like the background music check:

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Good way to make a nice workout, less space required.

Good idea with that bands :)