Update on the Writing Gigs station on Broadhive.

Hello great people, we announced "workminizone" some days ago and we gave a little overview of the project. The development has never stopped and we are at the edge of launching it, however, there is a little change. The name "workminizone" seems not appropriate. Rather, we chose "BroadhiveGiGs" and we acquired the domain "broadhivegigs.space" for it.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the features are still limited but it definitely served the purpose of creating writing gigs.

The app is good to go live and everything should be set up in less than 48hrs. We would like to appreciate every member of the Broadhive and the working team and developer.

Thank you all!


Congratulations on this Great work, to the teams that are responsible in creating @broahivegigs congratulations,is not easy setting such up, you guys did a great job and we look forward for more things from this tribe.

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Great update!! Thank you, BroadHive has @Darkflame 's full support!