Aspros Gialos Beach - Ithaca,GR (Underwater Footage)

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Hello everyone!


If you've been keeping an eye at my blog ( then you know that I spent an epic week at #Ithaca island, GR.

I filmed shot some cool videos with my action camera in various beaches around Ithaca and the first one I present you is all about #AsprosGialos, a #beach located at the North-West side of the island.

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Thank you all for reading and supporting me guys. As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

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So nice, seems a lot of fun, had to google where Ithaca is haha. Pinned in my maps, have to visit it one day.

It was the ebst summer vacation ever! I wish I had filmed more footage from this beach though.
If you ever come, let me know. My hometown is 3 hours away from Ithaca!

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My #posh Tweet

Holy shit man this looks so amazing! Love it dude! The water looks amazing, I thought I would see a few fish but I don’t think I did, surprising!

Thanks for sharing that man, looks fantastic!

The water was so clean dude! Lucky me there were no big fish around! I am afraid of big fish a lot lol! You never know what's swimming under your feet! Hahaha!

Very true lol I always stay fairly close to shore when I’m in ocean water! I don’t want sharks or other things that may think I’m a tasty little snack to give me a try lol

Hell yeah man! My feet are full of bloody wounds and the Ionian sea is wide open to anything! Hehehe! I've seen a ton of shark movies and I ain't risking it!!!

P.S Ivisited the aquarium of Barcelona a couple of years ago and dude, I saw sharks that live in the Mediterranian and they are HUGE so no thanks! Hahahaha!

Such a nice weather!


Thanks for the tip my friend. The weather was awesome all week at Ithaca island and the beaches were magnificent

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