Start your engines! Melbourne's F1 Circuit


Gooood morning Hivians I hope you're having a wonderful day, let's get ready to start those Engines!

In today's segment of @haveyoubeenhere I share with you the world famous Albert Park lake. If you're a formula 1 enthusiast you would have instantly recognised this place as it is where Melbourne's annual F1 is held.

The screaming engines that fly down this track can be heard for miles as top car brands battle it out for the top podium spot. Unfortunately, I didn't enter the race I just drove down the track pretending I was an F1 in my Holden V6 Commodore. If you're in America we call out GM, Holden here. Unfortunately just like Ford this Aussie built car has now shut shop which is not just a significant bad thing for local manufacturing but also car loyalists.


On any given day that the F1 is not being held the track is just an ordinary road that circles the beautiful Albert Park Lake. A man made lake built onto an already existing lagoon that flowed on from the Yarra River, Melbourne's main River that runs through it.


This track doesn't just host the Australian Grand Prix but also the Supercargo Championship, Melbourne 400 and other car races. The circuit has an FIA Grade 1 licence. First used in 1996 the Albert Park Circuit was one of the first race tracks to circle a body of water giving it a unique appeal and putting it on the map as one of the best tracks in the circuit.


Since its inception other countries have commenced building tracks with a body of water including: Valencia, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. (Aussies did it first 🤣)


Michael Schumacher currently holds the race track lap record acheive in 2004 in nothing other than a Ferrari at an impressive 1:24. The track is 5.3km or a tight 3.2miles with 16 turns in the track. It was first opened in 1953 and after upgrades reopened in 1996 to what it is now.


If you're in Melbourne why not spend a day trackside, the area consists of an aquatic centre with an Olympic pool and the lake also has activities where you can rent paddle boats and sail across the lake which is also home to a family of famous Australian Black Swans. The bank is lined with Cafes and many things to do.


Unfortunately the track has a speed limit, due to its high pedestrian usage and native animals that have moved in. The track is only set to 40kms.


Never been there.

It's a beautiful track, as kids we would zoom around it. Can't in today's day and age though unfortunately

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@tipu curate

I went to the F1 there a few times...It's not too bad but I've been to others that have way more atmosphere. The track and facilities are pretty good though, and it's a nice setting. The Singapore night race is the one to go to...Simply spectacular and even if one doesn't like the racing there's so much to see and do.

I agree, the atmosphere is coming under pressure from local residents who have been campaigning to have the F1 removed from Albert Park Lake. They need to make it a night race, so much nicer. The latest Melb has held it was 5pm.

Yeah, people fail to see the overall benefit from hosting it, just how inconvenienced a few residents may be. Same happened in Adelaide when we hosted it.

I think Adelaide is trying to secure it from Melbourne, fortunately we haven't let it go. Linfox also want to take it to Avalon as he has a track out there he said he would do up for the event.

I live out in the west so I'd support it coming out this way :)

There's a Herman Tilke designed F1-ready track here at Tailem bend called, The Bend. Just finished last year and ready to go. I heard there's a play on getting the GP back, let's see what happens huh? It would be good to be a Grand Prix city again, it was such a great atmosphere and I'm a huge fan of F1 racing.