The Best Of Them All : A Sports Poetry.

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The inbred stars
Making of themselves shining ones
Stretching beyond the limit
Bending legs to meets the needs
To what does he gain
But passion more than his mate
To a mate so great
Clinching trophies, making legend of a name.
From the beginning was the game
Bringing all men together
First was the cup, changing name
Then they started coming
All over the world, hunting glory
For there race, culture, nation
Under this legend called Ferguson
Bringing the best out of them all.
Close to the end he stayed
Leaving no man behind
Wanting nothing but trophies
Cup, leagues, championship 🏆
He took all, lost none
Holla to the great one
The best of them all.
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Fergie time :) His biggest mistake was to not put Berbatov on the starting 11 against Barcelona for the UCL final ;)

@botefarm I love your creativity....