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To say the least, the mode of play on that day wasn't impressive, the ball possession was poor, I mean low, guys on the field were just marauding the whole pitch in search of what's not lost. The coach gesture to have them all composed wasn't working, the commentators were already making jest of us, a two time champion in the league with numerous titles to our name. And all we have to stick to now is watching till the end of the first half.

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Can it be the transfer of the one of our most resourceful player? Is this very possible that we have sold the best team player and our guys are now in disarray because of that? I'm guessing it will take more time than this.

Right now, we are on a hot coal to win, the pressure to do more than the last season is much and we aren't quenching the fire, not now or ever.

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I don't follow this sport. Are you writing about actual games and teams with these?

It's a Freewrite on sports