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Two: The number of chocolate biscuits I ate today - Not an incredibly impressive number I'll admit, but considering I'm trying to sharpen up from a body-weight perspective, I'm happy to have even had those!

To clarify sharpen up means lose weight; No, I'm not heavily overweight but am diabetic and so carrying anything over my target weight has a direct, and negative, impact on my health through making it more difficult for my system to deal with sugars.

I manage my blood sugar-level well however it's a little more difficult as each kilogram comes on...So, I'll be reasonably strict with my food intake with the view to drop five kilograms which will take me smack onto my acceptable weight considering my height and build.

I've posted in the self Improvement Community because I believe focusing on ones physical health is self improvement. I find that if I eat better I move more and in moving more I'm motivated to eat better; I'm loathe to work hard at one without adding in the other and one compliments the other.

I'm not going to go into what I'm doing to lose weight; It basically revolves around consuming less carbohydrates which we've all heard before. In addition I'm moving more which is difficult for me because I'm already pretty active; I'm finding the time though and based on past experiences the weight will shift.

A better attitude is a by-product of being disciplined with diet and exercise for me; I'm not a gym junkie or anything, and certainly don't eat as well as others may, however my mood improves and that helps feed a better attitude helping me get through my days better and be more productive. It's a nice state to be in, especially when one faces complicated and stressful situations in life; I feel more able to deal with them. Physical health and mental health go hand in hand like diet and exercise I think, certainly for me anyway.

I've set a target, the five kilograms I mentioned, and figure I'll take about 5-6 weeks to get there. I'll be weighing in each week on a Monday morning so by 9th November I should be at my target weight - If all goes to plan. I'll note it all down here too because putting it out there, being accountable makes it more real and helps me push on with it; Being accountable is a reminder that through ownership, responsibility effort I can achieve the goals I set, health or otherwise.

So, that's me...How about you?

Have you guys done something similar? Have you dieted with good results or bad? Did you hold yourself accountable, have a plan, or did you simply attempt to do it freestyle, with no plan or set direction? I think we can all learn something from other people's experiences so feel free to share yours. It doesn't have to be a diet-related thing either...What task did you set yourself to and how did you achieve it?

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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I'm going through a heavy eating phase - it's a result of being in a new environment! At some point I need to stop using that as an excuse and get back to eating a normal amount.

I agree that losing weight is pretty simple, eat less, move more. I don't even believe cutting out carbs in particular is essential, not for me at least!

Then again, maybe I was just born lucky!!?

Covid 19 is probably to blame for many people's overeating, and probably lack of activity. I don't mind how I look at the moment to be honest, I'm not fat or anything, but as a 50 year old with diabetes every kilo I don't carry is better for my health so if I can shave some off I figure I've got to be doing a little better.


I've found skipping breakfast to be the easiest way to lose weight.

Somewhere along the line some opportunist decided to brand this 'intermittent fasting' and now it's a thing.

Problem is where I'm staying with a wood burner for heating kind of makes you want to get up, get the fire going, then breakfast and tea early. It all just kind of fits!

I do a lot of intermittent fasting as it turns out. After breakfast I fast until morning tea, then then again until lunch. Immediately after lunch I fast until afternoon snack time and then earnestly again until dinner. After dinner I fast until evening supper and then I fast from then until breakfast in the morning again. I don't find it too troublesome to be honest.


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I did it long ago and used a free web and app called Loseit.com, you basically introduce your weight loss goal in Kgs and time and then introduce every single thing you eat during the day, it adds your calories and if you make exercise it subtracts them, and it plots your progress.
It is a nice gamification way to do so, plus you have all sorts of graphs about everything you eat.

It has most of the food from restaurants in the US but you can introduce your own food if you know how to add the calories and use it in your meals.

That sounds fairly easy to use although I'll be honest, I'm not techy, so don't tend to use apps for stuff like this. I've seen one of those here, a friend used it and it worked fairly well for her, she got the results and, better still, learned what she should and shouldn't be eating, the quantities, along the way and has held the weight off for a few years now.

I guess my particular background and past has taught me accountability for myself, the need to be able to set a goal and drive at it, and whilst something require a more complicated plan than others, I have been managing my diet for so many years, as a diabetic, that I generally find no trouble in knowing what to eat etc. The challenge is sometimes the will-power, but usually that too is covered. It's still difficult of course, and I can see how apps like the one you mention can be very advantageous.


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That's a pretty good life goal to take care of yourself like that. Have you tried cliff protein bars as a healthy alternative when you have a sweet tooth? they are pretty tasty and made with natural ingredients and nut butters. They even have one that looks like the cookies you were having. Those are my mountain & hiking snacks. https://www.clifbar.ca/shop?&gclid=CjwKCAjwiOv7BRBREiwAXHbv3DU5U6ylpW4cq2f0lbrzELgbmE6spoLD_gMhgFED1v3IRSoJ5i3HgBoCRXwQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

I'd not heard of these so thanks for putting them on my radar. I had a quick look and it seems they are available here in Australia so I'll check it out. I usually have a protein bar kicking around the place for those times I get hungry...better than a Mars Bar (or whatever equivalent you have.)

Faith and I have a fairly good diet. She's vegetarian and so we eat a lot of vegetables. Being diabetic means I limit sugars and fruit but blueberries and strawberries are on the menu with some yoghurt and, of course, I have the occasional bad day now and then.

This weight loss thing is more about being 50 and diabetic than it is about how I look as I'm happy with how I look mostly. (The face needs some work but I'll just live with it as cosmetic surgery isn't my thing.) If I get to minus 5 then great, if not then every kilogram lost is of a benefit anyway.


Yogurt and berries is the best, that's my work breakfast! I wouldn't be able to go full vegetarian tho but I do eat a lot of vegan stuff for whatever reason, mostly because they are soy free. We all got to have some cheat days here and there. I can't imagine what it would be like to be diabetic, I eat like 3 big jars of honey a year with my cooking instead of using sugar, I do try to cut back on the refined stuff tho and I've done well, for not particular reason just cause I guess, I always see those traumatizing shows of people eating a big bin of sugar every week with all the junk food they eat...it scared me strait! lol

Try them bars, they are actually pretty good, it's the closest thing to cookies I can buy with my allergy but they are good tasting for something healthy lol! They have a lot of variety. I imagine you probably had them in Aus. They are pretty popular... maybe not as much as your Mars bar :)

We do the yoghurt and berries thing a lot, in fact berries, mainly strawberries, is the best fruit for a diabetic to have as most others are loaded with sugars. Yesterday I went to the supermarket at which we do most of our shopping as I'd seen online that they carry Clif bars. They were on sale for $2.60 so I got a couple to try out. They have a higher concentration of sugars and carbs than I would like but nowhere near what a traditional chocolate bar has so would be a legitimate snack item for sure.

The amount of sugar in day to day things these days is mental. Even things in which you would not expect there to be sugar in large quantities has it. Sugar is an addiction really, one that seems really difficult to break. Of course for many people it isn't as bad for them as others, but being diabetic, not producing the required amount of insulin in my body, makes sugar an issue. Thanks for the tip on the Clif bars.

I'm almost certain that blueberries have an agent that helps regulate blood sugar for diabetics too. Those bars are a bit pricy, I buy them by the box they sometimes have really good sales on bulk buys. They still have sugar content but better than cookies or a Mars bar for sure and still satisfying for the odd sweets craving. I like to wash them down with mountain #watertasting after a long hike!! I'm the opposite of you, my blood sugar gets really low sometimes especially on long hikes so I like having them so I don't get hangry in the middle of the woods!

The sugar(salt too) in even what they call healthy is still insane. I don't notice it much these days because a lot of my stuff is homemade but even my skin cleared up and looked younger when I decided to cut back. I couldn't believe how much sugar is in everything and it's really unhealthy for just about anyone, worse for you tho. Overall, there is a lot of bad shit in a lot of the food, not just sugar, at least in North-America but you guys are pretty much the same as us I bet. Sugar is highly addictive and I think it causes a lot of concentration troubles too, especially for kids. A lot of the one they diagnose with behavioral problems and hyperactivity, I think a lot of it is caused by sugar. Just look at breakfast cereal they have now, it would be healthier to have pizza for breakfast.

You're welcome, always happy to help!

As I was reading your second paragraph I was thinking of breakfast cereal being a good example of excess salt and sugar, among other things...They pitch it as healthy, and fibre and energy often using actors depicting active pursuits...But the reality is far different I think.

I've had pizza for breakfast a few times and as odd as it sounds I think you're right, a better option than Cheerios or Froot Loops for sure.

I'm fairly careful with sugar intake and have reaped the benefits of it...Some can't seem to kick it though, even diagnosed diabetics I know can't sometimes. Oh well, they'll reap what they sow.

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While I knew there was a correlation between weight and the diabetes risk, I didn't realise that it was such a direct correlation as to affect your day to day blood sugar regulation. A real reason to keep on top of it even once you've had the diagnosis.

I drastically reduced sugar in my diet a few years ago now, for a variety of reasons. There is a history of diabetes on my mum's side of the family. I wasn't trying to lose weight, but it was a side effect and I actually went down two dress sizes. I've since gone back up one, because I've stopped being as strict, but I can totally agree with the knock on effect of activity and energy.

Did you find you started to taste the flavour and natural sweetness in foods more when you reduced your carb intake?

Additional weight makes it more difficult for the body to handle the sugars and so it generally stays in the blood. This means it's not converted to energy and transported via produced insulin to the organs that need it to function. This is why diabetics need help to rid the blood of sugar - The lack of insulin being produced. Of course, excess sugar in the blood means recirculation problems which is why diabetics who don't manage it often have extremities cut off, feet and legs most often.

When I first found out I was diabetic I went off sugar and lost 13kg in 12 weeks, most of which has stayed off. I think everyone cold reduce sugar intake a bit as it's not the best thing to be having too much of. Back in the day sugar wasn't in anything and now...Well, it's in almost everything we consume. I'm not surprised a slight shift in sugar intake lost you two dress sizes, although...It's not like you're beefy mini, don't lose too much, you'll fade away! :)

About the taste, yes things that people probably don't notice are very noticeable to me. I don't eat much bread and when I do it's usually artisan bread, not Top Top white. If I eat the Tip Top, or other main-stream shit they feed us I realise how sweet it is...It's like eating cake to me. I'm sure you felt the same when you were strictly off sugar.

It's difficult for Faith and I to restrict carbs as we have a fairly low-carb diet anyway, but there's areas we could tighten up and so we have. This weight loss is about the diabetes and not how I look, you've met me, I'm not obese or anything, but to sharpen up a little will see me that little bit more healthy going into my 50's.

Yeah yeah, I'm old! :)


Lol! I'm not far behind you with age! Starting to notice it more as well!!

Thank you for the lesson on diabetes. I was aware of the side effects, but not the how and why. Makes a lot more sense now.

I figure prevention is better than cure and you're so right, sugar is in so much these days, even things you wouldn't expect. I started getting our bacon from a place caked Kinmana Organic, because it was just smoked and salted, without the sugar or sweeteners. I was told I might not like it, because it wouldn't be like the bacon were used to, but I prefer it. Unfortunately, they've paused their sales while covid is on and I've caved to demand from the family and been getting some from the shop. It sticks to the frying pan, because of the sugars.

Talking of bread being like cake (can't stand that stuff myself, either) I read this article yesterday on an Irish court ruling that the sugar level in Subway rolls classifies them as cake! 😆

Subway cake rolls huh? I don't like lettuce and tomato on my cake...So a good thing I avoid Subway!

It's kind of scary to delve into the sugar thing and then realise what products have sugar in them when they probably shouldn't. It's addictive though and so people demand it. Along with the sugar is salt which balances the sweetness so it's a double whammy.

I like the sound of that bacon, I'll check it out.


I'm not far behind you with age!

When you catch up let me know. :)

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Good luck on your goal G.! I'm sure that you will do great! I am also interested in eating heathy and it has become more of a lifestyle. I had a time when I took it to extreme trying to be vegan, it only worked for some weeks. I tried a lot of things and I think it's very important to have the right nutrition. Cutting off sugar was the biggest thing for me and I'm very happy about it


I went vegan once, had lettuce in my burger.

Ok, I'll be honest, I never went vegan at all.

Hahahha. It's very hard, let me know if you ever succeed, I would be seriously impressed lol

The day I go vegan you can look to the skies to see pigs flying...Meaning it'll not happen.

Hahaha I can always imagine, even if it won't happen. Hmm do I already see a piggy out there? 😂😂

Hahahahhaha Oh I laughed, you've made my day with this meme. The wings remind me of an unicorn. Unipiggy🦄😂

Don't worry mate we will keep you accountable to the weight loss👍

Give me a crack with a stick or a clip around the ears when I sneak a Tim Tam huh?

As if reading about myself. Definitely on the Freestyle no-plan plan. Which starts working tomorrow. Since it has proved it has worked in the past, more than once. So...it shouldn't be that hard. Except...that body is not getting any younger.

I'm not sure how old you are but I'm 50.5 now and I can assure you things don't get easier as far as fitness and weight, overall health. I figure I'd rather go into my 50's a little leaner as it can only be a good thing for my health. I hope you have great success with your no-plan plan...I never have and so I add a little structure. What are your goals or are then loose also?

Well, I gotta lose those 10 kilos in excess. The goal is to actually establish a healthy routine with some sports in it. Biking and walking seem not to be enough but when I had paused biking for months things went south...

Yep, that's the thing when activity stops, the eating often doesn't stop with it and weight tends to stick around. A good eating plan and some regular activity should set your straight.

I have a similar situation now. Only my biscuits are bottles of beer. I try to drink less of this drink. I also want to lose 5-6 kilograms. In 6 weeks it is possible, but difficult.

Ah yes, the beers huh? I don't really have that problem as I'm not a huge drinker. I like bread though. :)

I think the 5kg for me in a five week period should be achievable however I'm more about sustainable weight loss then rapid weight loss so if I only lose four, but it stays off I'll be happy. I'll celebrate with bread and beer!

I figure I've lost a ton in the last 10 years and gained 2020 of it back :)

My folks came home from a Vegas trip one time and I asked my dad how he did. "I made $2800. Only took me $3500 to do it!"

I have done very low carb successfully. I am currently using covid as an excuse to eat the breads that I just crave, but at some point will pick the low carb routine back up. There's an app that I've used to track my meals called Carb Master. It's free, and no ads. You have to fiddle a little, but once you have something entered it stays.

Good luck with that. I know the struggle is real.

I'm pretty happy with the way I look, the weight loss is more about the fact I'm 50 and have diabetes. The less weight I carry the better.

We eat pretty well in the main, have a blow out every so often. But generally we eat healthy which makes losing weight harder I guess, it's not like we have a bad diet to rectify.

We'll see how we go I guess, time will tell. It's on the blockchain now.

Anyway, covid is to blame for everything. Everyone knows that. 🤣

Damn straight it is. I've used it on several occasions. :)

Haha...Yeah it's a sucky year, but at least covid gives one the excuse for, well literally anything!

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Even a Covid Cloud.

So right now I am doing some family business with my brother. My bank vice president brother.

I have to contact my bank, but Covid. I call my local branch, continuous busy signal. I call the customer service number and get a recording to leave my name and number, they will get back to me. 1 hour. Not back.

So I text my brother (we've talked twice and maybe 50 texts today) to explain the hold up and bellyache about not talking to a human at my bank. His response?

Agreed. But we have Corona to use as an excuse for shitty service.

Yes, this exact thing has been discussed in my household and with friends also. Covid is an excuse for sending you in circles when on the phone, for not answering and any other bad service-scenario. It's pathetic. The worst thing is that they make it your fault if you complain about it, make you out to be the bad guy. Fucking human beings mate...Assholes generally.

P.s. Good luck with the business. I have an idea what it's about and I hope you can bring it closer to resolution.

The 'business' part is done. Right now it's money transference.

Except for the part that involves my sister. We've both talked to her in the last 48 hours and she has no clue about her mid term chances and the ramifications of some decisions made on her behalf.

It's killing Randy. He went through the whole scenario with his wife, in this century. It's fresh and raw for him. All I can do is stand around on my elbows because I now have both thumbs jammed in my ass.

One of the calls was sort of fun. He's got an idea that might pay off for both of us in the long look. Actually more likely to pay off for his boys, my nephews. But it would be a cool, fun thing if he can pull it off.

These things are rarely smooth, at least in my experience anyway. It'll inch forward and sort itself out although it's hard on everyone I guess. Good luck with it, I hope a resolution comes along soon.

Willpower is important as is moving around more. You can do it.

I reckon I'll make it happen, it all comes down to why I want to do it and having a healthy life is a good motivator.

At a certain point in my life, I weighed 120 kg, which for a 5-foot-tall woman is very, very overweight. I was able to drop to 72 thanks to long, gentle walks in the morning and decreasing my food intake. For diabetes you can use stevia leaves, which has a very positive impact on lowering blood sugar. Chocolate itself is not harmful to diabetics, so if you can find one that is sweetened with stevia, it would be ideal for you. Greetings and blessings.

En un momento determinado de mi vida, llegué a pesar 120 kg, lo cual para una mujer de 1,68 mt de altura es muchooo sobrepeso. Pude bajar a 72 gracias a caminatas suaves y largas en la mañana y disminuyendo la ingesta de alimentos. Para la diabetes puedes utilizar hojas de stevia, que tiene un impacto muy positivo en la reducción de azúcar en sangre. El chocolate en sí mismo no es nocivo para los diabéticos, así que si consigues alguno que esté endulzado con stevia, sería ideal para tí. Saludos y bendiciones.

That sounds like a lot of weight to lose and that you've done it by passively walking is very impressive. I bet you feel much better for having list that weight right?

Yes, it was quite heavy, almost 50 kg. I did long walks, but I did not rush or demand more than I could, and I decreased my food intake. Of course I feel super better, I don't get so tired and I move with more agility.

Eat less and exercise more is a good strategy for losing weight it seems.

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