Freestyle Skiing World Cup Big Air Competition - Kreischberg, Austria

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Kreischberg, Austria, the first Freestyle skiing World Cup competition in Big Air discipline of the season.

I am watching the freestyle finals live on ORF 1. The most difficult tricks ever, the most opened bindings in the air. It was supposedly the combination of clashing skies together in the air coupled with low temperatures. It was minus six degrees at 6 pm.

These girls and boys are crazy. Doing all the corks and twists and turns and grabs and switches ... amazing.

Six girls and ten boys qualified for the finals this morning. Especially the local boy Matej Svancer is astounding the audience with his very technical tricks.

Live results - men | women

I believe that videos of the competition will be available on the official FIS Freestyle YouTube channel.

Official intro post.

Tomorrow, it's the snowboarders' turn. Qualification at 10:30 in the morning, the finals at 6 PM. Follow it at the FIS official page.

Cover photo: FIS

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