Snowboarder Niko

in Freestyle Sports4 months ago

This drawing was made by our good friend Fuchs. He is a splendid cartoon artist and a long-distance runner. We asked him to draw a sticker with Niko as a snowboarder.

What do you think?

We hope that this drawing will find its application soon as a real sticker on our new RV. In the meantime, we'll use it as a signature and logo for the posts here on Hive.

Stay tuned for more ...

Ps: For the time this account is maintained by @ervin-lemark. Together with Niko, we'll learn how to use all the possibilities of Hive. Please welcome my son to the platform. Thank you very much.


Awesome drawing! Niko is flying haahaha!

It's snowing here in Greece and I wanna snowboard so bad but our stupid government doesn't open ski resorts... People are like cockroaches busses and trains but they'll catch COVID at a ski resort hahaha!

Thanks, exactly.

I feel with you. This winter season is going to waste so far. It's a bit better here since ski resorts are open yet you have to be tested and negative to be allowed to ski.

Do you have an option for some off course snowboarding maybe?

We aren't even allowed to leave our cities Ervin and there is no ski resort nearby! This winter season is deffinitely wasted and that's how things were last season too here in Greece. There was no snow.

It's gonna be sucks man!

That really sucks. And it hurts too since there is no logic behind these measures, even a very very far stretched one. It's just about the repression and because they have the power to show the power. It's so sad.

Be strong :)

You too my friend!

A bit of boost for a better flip and firmer landing.

@tipu curate

Yay! 🤗
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