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RE: I Made My Own Grappling Dummy...Here is How and Here’s What I Learned

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This is pretty cool. Nice job!

I used to use dummy's, now I use real people, but only those who deserve it, so...Dummies! Lol.

Just kidding of course.


Thanks!!! This guy is a killer guy.

I curated it for curangel so he will get a little vote love. I like people (posts) where people apply passion, personality and effort. This guy does...

Agreed! Can't wait to really grow the community for martial arts!

Thanks sir!

Haha thanks. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between the two :)

I know right? I stopped trying and simply deploy anyway. Lol

You know I am obviously joking right? Kind of joking.

Well, in the world we live in today... lol

Say no more. It's a crazy bloody world for sure.