WWE Network | Undertaker: The Last Ride - Chapter 1 : The Greatest Fear

WWE Network has released a new documentary series on one of the all time greatest characters: The Undertaker.

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You cannot deny that the Undertaker is one of the all time greats. He's legendary. But, like everyone in the pro wrestling business, there is a price to pay when your job is to tell stores... with your body.

Episode 1 recaps the Undertaker's road to Wrestlemania 33, which was widely speculated to be his last match. He was a spectacle with his Wrestlemania run. As a performer, he holds himself to the highest standard.

This documentary was meant to chronicle that last great moment, for a character that had avoided allowing fans a peek behind the curtain that we widely see from other superstars in the industry. Taker had protected his character for the better of two decades. Now fans were to be allowed to see behind the scenes.

You quickly notice during the preparation he does not look to be in great physical condition. He has a lot of trouble moving, and is noticeably heavier than in previous years. It's noticeable from his facial expressions that one of the greatest performers in the business is experiencing some fear and doubt leading into the event.

The documentary covers the entire event and match against Roman Reigns. You see a glimpse of the man behind the character, his family, and his relationship with other stars and management in the WWE. It draws both a respect Mark Calaway and a gut-wrenching sorrow that he was not able to perform up to his own standards.

This is a much watch episode in a docu-series that tells the story of his final run in the WWE. I give it a 5/5.


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