WWE Network | Undertaker: The Last Ride - Chapter 2: The Redemption

In my previous post I covered chapter 1 of Undertaker: The Last Ride.

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The follow up episode picks up where episode 1 leaves off: Undertaker has completed his Wrestlemania match with Roman Reigns. The dead man's greatest fear has been realized in his lackluster match. He did not meet his own high expectations, and comments that he had no business in the ring.

This episode follows Taker as he has hip replacement surgery and takes his rehab head on. He re-builds his spirit by dedicating himself to getting into the best physical shape he has reached in years. He works hard in the ring and on his strength and conditioning in order to test the waters of redemption.

Ultimately, he redeems himself with a matcha against John Cena at Wrestlemania 34. The match was short and sweet, and while Taker was disappointed at the allotted amount of time given for the match, he is pleased that he was able to deliver this time around.

I give the match and episode a 5/5.

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