Hive- one of the most underrated blockchains

Hello Hivians,

Since joining HIVE in the past week(7days ago), It's been an amazing ride so far due to the feedback I've been getting from the platform.


I took some time out to really understand how things work around here and I was overwhelmed with underlying technology behind it.

I must say HIVE is one of the most underrated platform out there as it has the possibility to birth something great.

One area particularly that excites me is the tribe tokens. After going through the leodex today, I found out some tokens that I find interesting so I decided to my lay hands on some few of them

I decided to stake some SPORTS (17k+), INDEX (29), LEO (7+) and some HIVE (17).

Been a believer of the proof of stake system, I'll like to grow here, so I start gradually by accumulating, little by little.

I'd love some recommendations on tribe tokens In which I could jump in on. Your Feedback will be highly appreciated

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