My Introductory post

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Hello Hivians,

I am so excited to be part of this great family. I am Sunday by name, I got introduced into this platform by a friend @jersteemit who talks alot about this platform.

At first I was really confused about what Hive and Blockchain is all about (sometimes I still am :-)). Will be looking forward to learn more here .


I also heard about @sportstalksocial, @clicktrackprofit @leofinance, and I believe this communities to be in sync with what I love to write about.

Been a sports Iover, will be churning out regular sports updates. Finance and entrepreneurship which happen to be in my line of interest/work is something that I find interesting to talk about.

Looking forward to have a nice time here on hive, meet some great people.

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Welcome to Hive/LeoFinance community.

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Thanks I appreciate

Welcome to Leofinance.

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Thanks I'm glad to be here

Welcome abbey877!
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Glad you finally took the decision. Welcome to Hive

Thanks I really appreciate

I'm happy because everyday I felt so excited being here

Great hive is giving you such joy. Hope it continues for a really long while.

Here is indeed a great place to be if you actually know what you are doing