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Hey you hiveians how's your day going so far so good I guess.

I'm being alive and kicking. Let me tell you guys I'm been very busy recently because My sister is pregnant and I have to send food to her 3 time a day because of covid-19 and do outdoor activities for the patient

Because of it I was walking around a lot and I think I lost some weight and when I don't have any thing to do I go a watch sports on tv that is muted because it's in hospital πŸ₯ but in cricket match voice don't matter much so I just watched them


I have bought build token 2000 to be exactly I had above 4000 build token and buy 2000 more I think it's nice investment because Diy is a good community and all the people do diy and search for it to

And finally I have stacked 500 CTP in my @aiovo account not including the delegates CTP that I have received for CTP stacked contest way back 1 month or so it was from @clicktrackprofit and they delegated me 94 CTP Power and man I'm happy 😁 that I enter that contest

And I will try to get back on track with my daily post and love you guys who read and comment on my post

Peace you guys @aiovo

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When is the delivery date? Is it going to be a normal or a c-section? Where is your brother-in-law? He is not around?

What is the meaning of DIY? I have seen this here and there but don't know the actual elaboration of it.

Congratulation on buying and staking the build token.

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@aiovo- Great stacking up bro! You are so kind that spending time taking care of your sister while she is pregnant. This is great to reduce her risk of any harmful matter especially our new friend "Covid".

Stay safe, be strong and healthy.

Cheers/!ENGAGE 20