The new community I discover HYPNOCHAIN and what's it about?

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Hey, you hiveians I hope everybody is busy with their work and living a happy life.
today I noticed that there is a NEW token in my portfolio Called HYPNO

Well Hypno is a token based on the HypnoChain community on hive blockchain and it's all about hypnosis and its related content also you can call the bot to vote by typing !HYPNO & @hypnochain will vote but you need 100 HYPNO tokens staked and they worth around 10 hive right now.


Now I don't know anything about hypnosis and I'm quite scared of it as well because it takes over your mind to make you do the thing which you won't be doing. but I will learn and enjoy this kind of content on the hive.

now we see it there are a lot of communities with unique content that prove that new people with new ideas are joining hive blockchain. for example, look at sports and ctp each with specific aspect on content and don't forget hivelist no?

and I don't have or remember much of a hypnosis artist but I remember one from America's got talent David & Leeman their amazing
you can watch it is amazing

and don't forget to supports this community
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I think you forgot to carry the decimal point. The lowest HYPNO sell orders are around 0.10 HIVE on There are a lot of low buy orders so you could probably put a buy order of 100 HYPNO for 0.01 HIVE each and it would cost 1 HIVE if someone fills that order. Or just create content for HYPNO.😎

There are reputable and licensed hypnotherapists so you really shouldn't be scared. Generally the only way someone using hypnosis can make you do something you would never want to do is if sleep deprivation and drugs were also used along with the hypnosis. Even then some people would still be resistant to going outside their ingrained boundaries.

Oh thanks for letting me know ☺️


Hey @aiovo, here is your HYPNO ;)


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