Engagement Project dividends report - 526% POB APR , 36% APR for LEO, 46% APR for SPORTS

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Good evening to everyone . It is Sunday and I am here to report the delegators dividends for the Engagement project .

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Coming to the report


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in CTP


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in STEM


AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends

APR calculation

POB - 526 %
WEED - 7.7 %
LEO - 36 %
CTP - 26.5 %
STEM - 13 %
SPORTS - 46 %

How to participate ?

You don't have to register or anything . All you have to do is comment from these frontends

https://ctptalk.com - to get CTP upvotes
https://sportstalksocial.com - to get SPORTS upvotes
https://leofinance.io - to get LEO upvotes
https://stemgeeks.net - to get STEM upvotes
https://weedcash.network - to get WEED upvotes
https://proofofbrain.io - to get POB upvotes

Remember that you have to comment from these frontends itself , why? to increase the traffic for the site and improve the rankings of the site . ( Believe me , it works , look at SportsTalkSocial alexa rankings ) .

But will everyone get upvoted ?

No , only the top 25 engagers will get upvotes , they will be ranked everyday based on quality of comments , number of authors they have spoken to etc .

But as I mentioned before the competition is less on sportstalksocial , stemgeeks and ctptalk to some extent so don't miss this opportunity to earn these tokens .

The ranks are uploaded along with the data on https://hivelayers-stats.herokuapp.com everyday . Just go to community page ( choose this in left top ) .

How can you support?

Delegate , spread the word , engage on different frontends , reblog this .

Delegation accounts -
LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
WEED - @amr008.weed
POB - @amr008.pob

As far as I have seen nobody has given 40%+ APR for CTP till now ( except ctpsb project but that accepts HP delegations only ) . I am able to do this by earning post rewards too . I will do my best to provide returns to you guys , you guys please spread the word .

Will you participate ? Will you engage more ? Let me know in the comments

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I think I just signed up for everything I have a piece of, good work!

Correction everything!

That's awesome , thank you .

You will get your dividends next sunday :)

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This is one of the most awaited reports in the week. i like to see how much APR % has been generated through the engagement project. This week's biggest surprise seems to be the Leo with more than 36% APR. That is significantly higher than last week. I am glad that sports has become stable at about 40-46% APR. I think engagement project Rocks 🥳

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Thanks @coffeelovers :) those words means a lot to me :)

Yeah SPORTS seems to be maintaining it's position . Will try to keep it at that .

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For the contributors who are not so regular with this platform, @amr008 engagement project is becoming the best option to earn some additional income on the idle balance in their wallets. I just added few more POB to my delegation to @amr008. It is barely impossible to earn these kind of returns for the small account holders like me.

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Thanks buddy .

just added few more POB to my delegation to @amr008

you mean @amr008.pob ? because that's the account for POB curation .

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Oh yes it was typo. I have delegated to amr008.pob account. In the speed of writing i forgot to tag the correct account though. The more curation rewards i will generate i am thinking of adding them all to engagement project as this is one of the best rewarding project i have seen on the hive platforms.

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Oh okay then :) thank you very much for supporting .

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Today, sometime back I made another delegation to @amr008.pob. I am very much aligned to this project and looking to make the support as far as possible. As I build more POB power i would keep staking in engagement project.

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Thanks a lot for the support @gimmetricks1 :) Really appreciate it buddy .

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Thank you friend I hope you are well and with more encouragement for what is happening in your country now, you are in my prayers

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It feels very good and makes me stronger when you friends say these :) Thank you very much .

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Force friend this has to happen soon and in the meantime thank you for the effort to bring the statistics !

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No problem :) My pleasure .

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526% APR is awesome and thanks for conducting the engagement initiative.
!LUV 1

Yeah POB seems to be doing very good .

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So if i delegate to you exactly 100 POB, you will send me every week 10.126 POB like @khan.dayyanz? The same in LEO send delegate to you 1000 LEO you will send me every week 7.11 LEO? If yes it is unbeatable!

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Well according to last week stats yes @shebe but I can't guarantee the same returns every week because it depends on a lot of factors , main factor being - other users who are onboarding POB and earning POB .

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Delegated Second token in CTP with 738 tokens delegated to @amr008.ctp account.

This is some nice feeling to earn from unused tokens and I feel I am bit late to check these blogs of you regarding delegations, but as someone said, better late than never :)

Let me see how many Sports tokens I have and how many I can delegate.

Thank you very much :)

but as someone said, better late than never :)

That's very true :) You are not late too .

You will get your dividends next week :)

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Welcome back brother, hope you're well and the family is going well. Good to have you back

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Hey @melbournewest , thanks for the welcome :)

I am good but it's a tough situation overall here .

Glad to be back .

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The APR is still really good and POB is still a monster. Then again as it is still quite early, building up a stake and getting curation rewards is still possible.

Of course I will continue to participate and engage.

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I agree , this is a great opportunity to build some nice balance of POB .

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Man, this ROI on proofofbrain is lit. Need to check my status and will probably send you a delegation from there also.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks alex , yeah this is the right time to be involved with POB to be honest . Less users , more rewards being distributed .

probably send you a delegation from there also.

Sure :)

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Delegated you 200 POB! Keep the good work up!

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Thanks for the constant support alex :) Really appreciate it .

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Will increase also in some other areas, just wait to increase my stake :)

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glad to see you're back, we were worried about you :)

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Hey thank you so much :)

was a pretty hectic week last week .

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Thanks for this nice initiative my friend.

Just delegated few POB tokens to @amr008.pob account.

I am gonna do few more tokens for other Cryptos which are being unused right now.

Have a good day :)

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Great :) Happy to see you wanna be involved with this project .

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OK, done with delegations as I added delegations for Sports and Leo as well and I am just relieved that, my respective powers will not be wasted as I wasn't able to concentrate on curation and now I get something out of what I have staked :)

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Great , that's the aim of the project :) No staked token should be wasted . We can't curate everywhere so this projects curates for you .

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I totally agree with you and I am in with this project.

I just want to be contributing more and more in terms of engagement and I will try my best on that part.

With IPL's this edition's future in doubt due to Positive Corona cases, I may have to start writing about other sports as part of my regular sports blogs, but I hope the IPL continues for the entertainment it provides.

Yeah , yesterday's matches were cancelled too and I heard players from CSK tested positive . Really a heartbreaker for sure .

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I think 3 of the support staff from CSK tested positive, not players.

They seem like continuing the tournament as they are planning to conduct all the matches in Mumbai itself to cut the traveling between different places.

Oh but I read that BCCI suspended IPL?

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Yeah, finally, they decided to postpone after few more positive cases.

Seems to be a good decision considering the situation, we will miss all the action, but lives are more important than that :)

Your post was promoted by @finguru

Hey thanks buddy @finguru :)

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A terrific initiative.

Good job with it and welcome back.

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Hey thank you ;)

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i look forward to the weekly dividends. great job!!

Thank you. Every Sunday you will receive the dividends :)

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Your content has been voted as a part of Encouragement program. Keep up the good work!

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All right , great :) Thanks.

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I try to keep adding to my delegations. I delegated sports to0 from my alt.
Is there a plan to add more tokens in future, maybe CINE, LIST or FOODIE?

Right now , I am adding only communities if the owner of the community is interested . If they come forward and approach me , I will definitely add them .

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got it, thanks.

In future I might expand by myself by taking demand and interest into consideration :)

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Hi @amr008, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @harpreetjanda. Holding 10 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV in your wallet at https://hive-engine.com or learn about LUV at https://peakd.com/@luvshares

Hello, how are you? I have been reading about the delegations and I would like to delegate some of the populations that I have. I think I already know how to do it, sending to your delegation account.

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Good morning @sheild23 :) Happy to hear that . If you need any help , feel free to ask me .

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