SPORTS pump ? Massive BUY WALL

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Well I am really happy to finally see SPORTS going up . I myself was trying new ideas to get people to burn SPORTS as well as find some unique usecases .

Last week I did some contests where I gave away @lbi-token and burned some SPORTS inturn .


A major shoutout must go to , he started a contest and because of that many users started staking SPORTS instead of dumping it . The contest is over but him as well as many others including me hasn't stopped supporting who stake SPORTS . Don't forget to use #sportspower tag if you staking SPORTS .

Price looks stable


Last week the price was stable at around 0.00016 HIVE but this week it looks like we are at 0.00023 HIVE and since there is a massive BUY WALL created , I think SPORTS will keep moving up .


Image source :


It is high time we find some usecases for SPORTS .

  1. I am planning to start a sports betting contest where the winners will get their returns but 2% of all the bets will be BURNT .
  2. I am trying to reach out to @mazergaming , he wants to hold a giveaway . I want to use this opportunity to ask him to hold a bidding instead and burn the highest bid SPORTS .

Once we find more usecases for SPORTS , the price will move up further because Sports industry is a big indsutry as we all know.

Feel free to give some ideas for usecases for SPORTS .

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I’m glad to see people helping the community like you do. I’m new on hive and a fresh Sports staker. Would be happy to help if I can but still figuring out how to at the moment ;)

Thanks for expressing your interest , I will definitely ask for your help if I need something related to SPORTS or will guide you how to help the SPORTS community , till then enjoy the platform :)

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I hope Patrick will come up some nice usecase for token or some kind of soft peg with the token. That will help in more onboarding and interest in the community.

Absolutely. Till then we must do everything we can to stop dumping and build interest.

If you want to message us on Twitter, it is @MazerHQ... send us a DM and we can talk!!

I will get back to you there. Thanks for replying.