Splinterlands - finally reached the Diamond league after a long struggle

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Hope you are having a great Sunday. So today I have finally reached the Diamond League after a long time of struggle.


images are from the splinterlands game @splinterlands

The reason why I say that I was in a constant struggle:


It was already quite shocking that I ended up in Gold III haha. It was not difficult in the past to get into Diamond League or Champion League, but recently I have been taken down to Gold League. Nonetheless I played a few games and was able to move to Gold I, then the struggle began.


As I was heading closer to the Diamond League, I would win a game and lose a game, win a game and then lose a game. So I was in this constant loop of staying in Gold I. Therefore, I am quite happy that I am finally stepped into Diamond III.

This was the screenshot I took back in the days when I first entered the Champion III league. Now I hope to get back there.


The goal is not to stop at Champion III, but to get back to Champion I. Lets see how it goes.


If you want to give the game a try, here is my referral link.

Always do your own research before you put money into a game

Hope that you enjoyed go through the post.
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Have an Awesome day

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Well done Captain, now on to the Champion League!

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Thanks captain, going for it now.

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