I bought SPS worth 100 BUSD and put them into stake for long term!

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Welcome Guys!

This time I want share with you Guys my shopping on Binance Smart Chain for BUSD. Splinterlands have pretty decent token and it's possible to put this token for stake to generate passive income.
I like this game so much, so I decided to invest in this token for long term.


Sending this tokens for in-game wallet cost me pennies. Binance Smart Chain is really cheap in use.


Now time for staking these tokens in game!

stake for 100$ sps.png

And here we go with total staked SPS!

total staked.png

As you see this APR is so yummy, I know that it will change over time and probably will be less, when more tokens will be staked, but still I can't resist myself from doing this thing.



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Hmmm interesanting
if i undestand good, you first make binance smart chain (i have binance but that is not same i think) Probably you open wallet on that chain, than deposit USD from credit card to chain, then im lost... XD
Did you buy SPS in binance smart chain or what i dont get...

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You need your own wallet like metamask, then you configure another network binance smart chain, because metamask usually use eth network. Then you transfer some bnb from binance to your metamask wallet. BNB is used to fee. You need some BUSD so you get them from binance min. 10 BUSD transfer no fee when you transfer to binance smart chain BEP20. And then you need smart contract of token. You go to coingecko or coinmarketcap and copy smart contract of token for BSC. You then use pancakeswap, this is simply swap from BUSD to DEC or SPS whatever you want. You need to link your wallet to splinterland game wallet. It's kinda complicated for first time, but when you will get metamask, config your binance smart chain network in metamask, then you need only copy good smart contract in pancake swap and that's it. There so many tutorials and even site from binance academy how to configure binance smart chain on metamask.