Rising Star - Unlocked Local Mini Tour Support and opened 3 more packs

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Yesterday after purchasing 12 packs, I decided to focus a little on my Rising Star game progress and decided to open 3 packs per day. I know it will be exciting to open all the packs at once but I really wanted to be very patient and test my luck by opening only 3 packs per day. The last time when I did I this way, I was able to grab some nice cards. I'm now wondering that same strategy would work.




Today the luck was not favorable to me. I was expecting at least one Epic card from the pack opening but in the 6 packs so far, there was not even a single Epic card. I'm hoping to see at least one Epic card in the next 6 packs that I would be opening in the next two days.

The above 3 packs have given me some more Fans which is a good thing actually. I have enough skills to accommodate more fans. I guess I will need more skills maybe after opening all the 12 packs.

Local Mini Tour Support

I'm also very glad that I have successfully unlocked the Local Mini Tour Support mission after reaching level 55. I was waiting for this to happen because this is one of the biggest missions in all the available missions that give more starbits. Now that I have more fans, I guess I will be able to get more starbits from a single mission. I'm planning to do this mission before going to sleep and also one more time during the day time. Otherwise, my focus will be less on the other missions.

I was fully busy doing an Acoustic tent for a long time. I guess I wouldn't be doing this mission anymore because it wouldn't be required. Local Mini Tour Support is a better mission compared to Acoustic tent giving better rewards. It has also been a while since I did some smaller missions as well.

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Nice card opening.... Starbits price are rising now....

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