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RE: My SPORTS Full Upvote worth 0.3 HIVE ($0.075) despite the Bear Dip

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While I have no post yet on Sports, I must say that I didn't know about such a community on a hobby or domain that I am interested in. I intend to open an account dedicated just for sports and make benefit of this community.

Great to see new opportunities like this, hope you are doing well and continue to be victorious!

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Receiving comments like this thrills me and encourages me to continue marketing the Hive communities and tokens. I'll give you a 100% SPORTS vote from my Sports curation account @Uyobong.sports. Give the account a follow and notify me when you start posting there.

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Much appreciated, already started following both accounts and it remains just to take it from here and share my sports and betting passion with the community.

You have always been an amazing guy here. Many of my friends that we came into Sportstalk together have all powered down and left. I've never, not for once.

Whenever I read your post, it keeps my hope alive that I didn't make the wrong choice.

I already have you a follow and will be very happy to see you post in this community .

Once again, you're wealthcome.