+110,000 Sports Staked.

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If the Nigerian naira is getting devalued each day, I guess the best way out is storing your money in either crypto or USDT. Perhaps if you have a crypto platform where you can stake your coins. That would be better.

My choice of stake has and will always be Sportstalk where I have the majority of my Hive second layer token. Boosting it up with a +110,000 Sports isn't too bad for a n account with +13M SPORTSTALK TOKENS in it.


I'm gradually enjoying this ride and getting better with it each day by silently staking up and seeing the curation reward becoming something of good value each and everyday. Though the beginning wasn't that interesting, I'm so happy the end is getting better and better by the day.

Cheers to a new height!
Cheers to a goal of 20M Sports staked.

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Crypto investment is the best than keeping your Nigeria naira in the bank because crypto yield but Nigeria currency reduces in the bank. Fuck naira. Crypto is still the best for me. Thanks for sharing us this great knowledge and stay blessed

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Honestly investing in crypto is a better idea than saving one's money in bank.

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Crypto is proving to be a better store of value than the Nigerian naira. Smart of you to get onboard with the future.

Great way to go with the staking. Guess I should be paying more attention to the sports token, seem to have slowed down a bit on this one. Best wishes on your set target

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