+115,000 Sports Staked. Clocked 12M Sports.

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Since I've not been able to achieve my goal of reaching 20M sports staked, it pains to see myself in this light, it looks as if I'm crawling on the floor whereas I could be flying in the latest 60M sports stakes and enjoying massive curation reward.

But as it is now, the eagerness to survive the harsh economy of Nigeria is now the most paramount than staking. If I could buy a little, fine, if I couldn't, I'll go for staking op my liquid reward as often as possible in batches of hundreds. To sit on a +10m sports isn't an easy task. The urge to maximize my reward is enough pressure on its own, also is the righteousness of curating good content. The future of sports is not yet known fully, as it is, it's for rewarding sports content and nothing more. But I believe sports could be used for more.
I'm staking an additional? 115,000 sports staked.


The idea of getting curation reward is long over due, I've always loved the thought of silent money. With this staking, I just crossed to 12M SPORTS staked. And it looks good on me.

There are 5 scenarios which I can only power down my stake.

  1. In case Hive wants to shut down(which is never possible)
  2. Sportstalk closing its interface.
  3. I have a more deadly incident that needs urgent money to take care of.
  4. I want to buy another token with massive use case urgently.
  5. I want to liquidate my funds for no reason (God forbid).

Outside these, I don't have the mind to power down my stake.

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Man, you're doing well. 12 million SPORTS stake so far. It's a true growth.

Amazing power up. Always motivating seeing you do this. Congratulations on your new milestone.

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