+140,000 Sports Staked. Road To The Top

Whenever I look at the price of sports now, I still regret not buying in millions then when the price was close to dust. An amount that will buy you just 500,000 sports now could have delivered up to 20M SPORTS. I didn't buy then, so, I'm presently suffering from taking opportunities at the right time. I can't imagine how much I will be making now if I have thousands of millions of sports.

Sports value is increasing each day with increasing users database. Sports has become one of the most solid and formidable Hive tribe on Hive engine. Despite starting on a high note then getting to a very depper dip, many thought sports have died. Well, time proved there assumption wrong.

From the beginning I've been staking up my sports and I'm still staking till now. It's not something I can pause.

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I'm staking an additional +140,000 sports to what I have on ground, in a bid to curate more articles and also deliver a very good amount of curation reward. Sports has become a win win for me and I've come to love every aspect of it.

I will be one of the happiest man if sport rise in more than six months, it will make a lots of people millionaire. I will surely be among the luckiest people on earth.

With Crypto currency and the power of the blockchain, this nation will one day be saved from the chain of the state of emergency.

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Massive power up there. Great way to go. You might have missed early opportunities but I believe the constant staking of sports by you will pay off at the end when the prices shoots up.

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