+25,000 Sports Staked

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Despite the fact that I need some funds, the Christmas time is coming very close at me and it's very well needed to get some things both for myself and family I have decided not to power down, the road to 10million sports isn't too far anymore. I've reached 9.1m just some few hundreds of thousands of Sports, and I'm where I've envisioned to be. The top.

It is in lieu of this that I am staking more and more sports by the day, gathering more tioken each and every time, trying as much as I could to meet up with my goals.

Trx ID

+25,000 sports was added to my sports stake. I am seeing the future on Sports with many potential and reward for investing.

One more token I am looking up to is CTP. One of the best and stable token you can find out there.

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It excites me that I'm not in this staking game alone. Keep building. At what spot is your SPORTS Power?


This is a good step towards the growth of the sports community

I'm glad you are almost done achieving your 10m goals and even more later

I have a plans for 10k stake earlier this month which I'm almost done with and the next plan is a long term one..... Road to 1million sports token

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