+34,000 Sports Staked. Finally At 10m Sports Staked. 💃🕺

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The dream has finally come to pass, a 10m sports staked and now I can get on with another project/tribes or platfrom to also make a stand. This journey hasn't been funny in every way but it was worth it now that I'm seeing reward coming in each day, it's making a lot of sense.

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So, a finall stride to enter the 10m Sports gang, I've staked a +34,000 Sports to reach the peak I've always envisioned. I feel that I should rest and possibly move on to other tribes by now but my love for this Sports is getting interesting by the day, especially with the updates just coming in, it's looking like Sports is the best place to be and it's the in-thing.

My future plan is to buy more sports, more than necessary and stake up, then support authors.

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Big congrats🤝 @botefarm. To be candid, You've really motivated me and I'm already working on achieving 2million sports by latest April ending. Weldone for the due diligence and full commitment to ensure this dream come through. You deserve a pat at your back. I celebrate you once more😊.

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Congrats on accomplishing your set goal.

Surely I can see how you're so keen on sports, I'm glad you finally got to 10m sports.

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