+54,000 Sports Staked. Road To The Top.

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Here I am again, you're not going to get tired of me, will you? You can't blame me for this, I am seeing the result each day, I guess I have to stake the more to keep on, seeing my curation reward increasing each day, I am forced to keep on staking and staking. I have seen that that's the only way. Though sometimes I feel like it's getting too late than ever to reach here, maybe I should have stake and buy in millions when I have the token at $0.00002, but it's not like that ☹️, now that it's like that 😢 I feel like I'm indepted to myself to reach the 10m sports staked milestone and I won't stop.

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I am staking an additional +54,000 sports today. It's getting better each day from here.

If there ever will be a Sports Power Up day (SPUD) , I guess I'll take one of the top three position.

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I like the spirit. I'm definitely following you up in this plan too. Happy staking @botefarm

Love to see that you keep staking and the idea for SPUD is really good!

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Congratulations on your consistent growth in staking. Your curation rewards are gradually improving too. Kudos!

We surely can never get tired of good development. It shows how consistent and dedicated you are to achieving your goals.

Keep staking
sky is the limit

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