+69,000 Sports Staked. Keep Moving Upward.

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The news in town is centred on the proposal to have Sports with a more governing proposal or plan. Individual can come with ideas for Sports and get rewarded with it. Sports is becoming more and more decentralised each and everyday. More and more users who's names were mentioned are turning. We are more on the right path than before.


I don't have any choice but to keep on at it here, stake the more, earn more, become more interested in the platfrom, contribute my quota and reward authors whose content were outstanding.

I am staking up more Sports, +69,000 and I'm enjoying the show by the day. I think I have to seat down now and calculate how much I must stake to have a curation reward of $20 per month. If I can do that, I guess I've reached a very substantial level in staking.

Many tribes platform are gone or not performing at all as it should be, Sports has come from being at the rung of the ladder to becoming one of the top 5 tribes with an ever increasing value for it's tokens. Many are yet to know this, they don't know that Sports is back and better.

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Sport is quite an interesting topic for everyone. What you are doing is clever.

Do you know if there is an account to delegate the SPORT tokens and receive curation rewards, like @leo.voter or @monster-curation?

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There was one before but not anymore. Like how much Sports are you planning on staking, I can guide you through doing that on your own with your own account for maximum result and it will come your @jsansna.sports alt account. My own part of the deal is have me on your 100% upvote, 2 post per day. That's all. 🥰🥰

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Thanks for the offer @botefarm.

I just don't want to spend too much time on it because I use all my free time here on Leo.

I also can set up an auto voter alt account that follows the trail of a curation account like @leo.voter.

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