My goals for this year #FinancialGoals2021

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Thank God for life in the year 2020, although I didn't set goals for the year and I can't really say I achieved much but even with that, I survived 2020 it is an achievement, and am grateful for that.

This year is going to be different as I have made a long list of what I want to achieve and what I want to abstain from. I believe that it is important to let some things out so that I can create time and space to pursue my goals and achieve them.

Here are my aims/goals for the year 2021

Things to reduce or abstain from
This year I have decided to minimise :-

  1. Time spent in front of the television screen
  2. Time spent on social media
  3. Intake of sugar and junks

Time spent in front of television screen
In the year 2020 I waisted so much time watching movies due to the fact that I was mostly at home during the lockdown, most of these movies are just for pleasure and pleasure is not what I need now.

Time spent on social media
I got to find out that on whatsapp, I use 98% of my data viewing other people's status. Viewing other people's status doesn't help me in any way as majority of the posts are non-educational and at the same time doesn't bring income. This is applicable to other social media out there.

Intake of sugar and junks
Intake of sugar and salt causes more damage to the body system than it benefits the body. Secondly I noticed that the money spent on junks could be well used if saved and invested in crypto currency for example leo and sportstoken as it is cheap and has a lot of growth potentials.

I have decided to reduce the :-
Intake of sugar by 80%
Intake of salt by 50%
Instead of soft drunks I will vote more for Fruits, taking note that health is wealth.

My Investment aims for 2021
Am aiming at accumulating 1 million sports token and all staked by the end of the first 6 months in the year. It looks pretty challenging to me as a newbie for now but I believe in setting goals high and challenging the best of myself. I will be focusing more on sports token and Leo because it is way cheap and easier to accumulate. At the same time it has a high tendency to increase in value.

Am also aiming at 50 leo, and I'm to achieve it in the first 6 months of the year. These will be along side other crypto coins that I can accumulate under Hive's communities.

Strategy in achieving the aims
I have decided to buy the minimum of three thousand naira worth of sports token every single month, also three thousand naira worth of leo monthly as this will boost my voting power and make my curasion more effective. I also decided to engage tirelessly in activities on hive communities, and communicate with people to gain familiarity and learn from them as well.

Preferred Investment
Crypto and real estate.

I have always wished to invest in real estate as it is very reliable. Building healthy hostels that are well conducive in all institutions environment across my country Nigeria is one thing I would accomplish in the nearest future with God on my side. Apart from the yearly income that this plan will bring to me across Nigeria, it will give me joy to see students in the institutions getting to leave in an environment where they can easily assimilate.

Secondly crypto. I haven't really known about it until now, and with the research I have been able to make on it, it seems to be the first and surest way out of poverty, and the most reliable way to secure a financial future.

Assets to be invested in
I am a young artist, I make artworks for people and for sale. I believe that Art is life and there is no limit to it. I would continue to invest my time in it.

Some of my artworks

This year, I will spend little or no time on things that doesn't count and engage more in things that will help my growth mentally, educationally and financially.

My goals are to accumulate 1 million sports in the first 6 months as it will be the first thing I would own in million(s), I will also accumulate 50 leo in the first 6 months via investment and engagement.

I would appreciate your up vote and most importantly advice on how I can have a smoother journey to the top in the world of crypto.

Thank you.

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I like your goals for the year. Those seem like they are achievable goals which is important. We all need goals but we also need to set goals that can be measured and achieved. Without that it’s too difficult to keep those goals.

I think you will definitely be able to reach the Leo goals. The Leo finance community is very good at their curation and rewarding authors as long as the content is good and it’s relevant. The sports token may be cheap right now but I think it could be an important token in the future as everyone loves some kind of sports and if we get more mainstream adoption l, we will have a dedicated community waiting for them to fall in love with!

Best of luck to you with your goals. What you need to remember is that you can’t just post and not comment on other peoples posts. Commenting and interacting with people is probably the most important way for you to get noticed and earn rewards. Spend more time in other peoples posts than you do writing your own is a good philosophy I think.

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Thank you very much, I appreciate you 🙏

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Thanks for your up vote too, it means a lot to me

Absolutely. I enjoy being able to use my stake to help people get some kind of rewards!

Keep up the good comments on other peoples posts, it will benefit you for sure!


Thank you. It has been noted. And I'll put it to mind to improve on that

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I also believe in the potential of SPORTS, today it may seem quite cheap, but in the future with the mass membership of more people creating and consuming content, the token will have more value.

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Yes, in fact being cheap is one of the reasons why it I take it as an advantage. Take for instance I accumulate 1 million sports and by the end of the year it rises to 1USD. I will do my best to reach out to as many as I can before it rises

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Success in your journey! I am sure that with a lot of dedication and consistency in your activities, you will be able to achieve all your goals.

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Nice one brother

This year, I will spend little or no time on things that doesn't count and engage more in things that will help my growth mentally, educationally and financially.

It's better to put in energy into something that grows and build on it to get better, than what doesn't grow.

Sometimes it might seems slow. Never be discouraged or disappointed. Keep pushing and be consistent.

I belive with time and a positive attitude towards your goals, you'll accomplish them in no time and aim higher

The sky is the limit

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Thanks a lot. I found the light and I promise to stand by it till the end

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You're always welcome.

Stand with the crypto world always and forever

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I hope your goals are achieved in 2021. LEO and SPORTS are great choices for you to get involved in these two communities.

If you remain persistent and consistent in your posts daily, I believe that your goals can be achieved well before 6 months, especially with LEO.

Be participative and interact with the other authors that I am sure will succeed on your journey.

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Thank you very much. I really appreciate your advice. It is by far helpful to invest more time here with intellectual people and to wast time on social media on thing that are not gainful. That is why I have decided to minimise my time on social media and divert my energy on hive

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The year that just determined was really atypical for everyone, we spent a lot of time doing things not very productive I, I was 5 months without Internet and I learned not to see states of whatsApp and see only what is necessary of the social networks to save my data.

Like you I want to invest in cryptomonics and tokens in fact I have some in my wallet and I will try to change some to acquire Leo.

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Take for instance all the energy wasted on social media are been diverted here.
Am just so grateful for the insight.
One thing I love about this blog site (HIVE). They never impose anything on you. You see only what you are interested in seeing. But on social media they make you see things you're not even interested in just to wast your data for their gain

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Wow, Very wonderful, insightful and achievable goals. I see you getting there soon. I see you get there soon bro @corporateay

Thanks for believing in my goals. I have really got to make maximum use of this year

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