Dividend Report | Wink & SBET

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It has been 2 weeks since my last report on the news and the Dividends from both Wink.org & Sportbet.one platforms so it's time for another update to see how they continue to perform...

By now, it has been around 51 Weeks since got into SBET and a bit over 30 weeks since I started getting into the WIN token which both have been paying out consistent passive dividends during all this time. These tokens can be quite addictive because the more you have, the higher your earnings from them will be with expected returns that are well above what you can generally get on your money somewhere between +30% and +50% on a yearly basis in dividends. The main trade-off is that the price of the tokens is linked to actual revenue and performance which makes it much harder to go up compared to coins that mostly feed on speculation. There is also always a regulatory risk aside from the question if the platforms will continue to be able to attract users. I personally see both as a way to balance my total portfolio and get some nice passive income in the meantime. There is also always the possibility that one of these dividend-generating platforms becomes really big over time making for a potential passive income source that really make a big difference. Anyway, this is what both did the last 2 weeks.


I actually increased my position in the WIN token a bit from 10 Million to 12 Million and just now to 13.75 Million (which gives +2% RAKE mining). Somehow I keep telling myself, "now I have enough" but the temptation to get more is always there. I did play quite some poker on Wink.org the last weeks and did fairly well on that which gave me some spare TRX to invest.

WIN did now get added into a SUN mining pool so a lot of WIN got unfrozen again meaning dividends will be higher for everyone that does keep it frozen on the platform. The Dividends during the last 2 weeks stayed quite stable with an expectation of around +0.75% weekly which is on target with the average over the ~30 week period. Overall the price of WIN feels quite fair right now for what it offers. Since al lot of TRX flowed into the SUN mining, the SR Voting rewards went up considerably doubling compared to what they used to be. I currently have around 12k TRX staked as part of my Poker bankroll that I only need in case I would get in a crazy downswing.

Right now based on the 21-Day moving average, 4.10 TRX is what gets paid out on a daily basis for Staking 1 Million WIN. This of course can go up or down depending on the activity on Wink.org.

Sportbet.one Dividends

sportbet.one had 2 solid weeks and also started to increase in price again. Last week they had a new record in the number of individual bettors at 163. This came down again this week to 139 but Dividends increased by 46% compared to the week before. I personally continue to just hodl the SBET I have accumulated over time and I did use their betting platform to take a bet in the Belgian League where they offered solid odds. So for as platforms that I am actually using myself, sportbet.one certainly qualifies. They still have a long road ahead when it comes down to getting it more widely adopted though.

So all is pretty good in Crypto-Gambling Dividend land right now. I'm still looking for a potential 3rd project like this to get into but don't want to buy coins from people that mine them by playing the Ponzi-mining game which for most platforms is the case. If anyone knows more platforms similar to SBET & WIN please let me know in the comment!

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