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I continue to closely follow both the & platforms in 2021 bringing weekly updates on the news and the Dividends they are bringing in...

Both platforms performed excellently last week seeing a price increase and nice dividends.


While SBET (along with all other gambling related tokens) got delisted from and last week (See Report), a new trading pair was created on

A new blogging page with the latest news about the platform and Crypto Betting related articles was also brought to life and it can be found over at

there was once again an "OTC Deal" between the 2 biggest holders in the opposite direction of what happened about 9 weeks ago. I assume it has something to do with liquidity providing on the new trading pair to give it enough stability. The total SBET Staked went down by about 3% which is a good thing for those who receive dividends as they are now getting a bigger piece of the cake.

SBET Dividends

The price went back to where it was after a decrease last week because there was no way to trade the token. Weekly returns based on last week dividends and the current price are around 1% despite the fact that the number of actual users is not really going up. So far there is not all too much adoption which is both good and bad as it shows there is upside potential especially since the product itself is quite nice.

WINK.ORG News & Dividends

Not much news around WINK this week aside from the fact that their new dividend distribution model went live meaning that now each day 50% of the drop pool will be distributed causing more stability in what stakeholders receive on a daily basis. This already shows in the graph and there very likely will be less crazy peak days or days where there is no payout whatsoever. The price of WIN also reached above 100$ for 1M WIN which puts it outside of an accumulation zone for me personally as I have enough. Still only 13% of all WIN are stakes which makes it inevitable that at some point there will be some pressure on both the price and the dividends.

This was the 2nd highest week earning with WIN so far for me. I quickly made a profit dollar chart based on my gambling dapp tokens (25M WIN, 2263 RAKE, 504k SBET, 10k TRX) all combined worth around 4300$ currently. These earned me a total of 39.97$ last week. I plan to keep track of this all year long with an eye to hopefully see it go up. The earnings will likely flow toward other crypto coins for maximum compounding effect.

That's it for this week...

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I like these reports.
Keep it up!

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Thanks, I also like them as they help me to keep close track and every week something is happening.
Nice to read you enjoy them