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I continue to closely follow both the & platforms also in 2021 bringing weekly updates on the news and the Dividends they are bringing in...


I wrote last week that I the WIN token might have been going at a discount and I ended up buying 5M extra at an average price of 63$ for 1M WIN. Dividends seem to be on the rise again and this week it continued showing 1.68% weekly returns based on the current price of around 66.16$ for 1M WIN.

There was an 'announcement of en announcement' and it looks like there yet again will be another token (BLINK) with something that has to do with NFTS. Looking at the comments, nobody (including myself) is looking forward to yet another token being introduced.

I mostly try to go by the numbers since I started cost-averaging myself into the WIN token and those are quite good looking at the dividends and returns in dollars. There was a dip in the 100-day moving average but things seem to be looking better again now hopefully continuing the general uptrend dividends are in.

I'm looking forward to how this dividend graph will evolve over the year and for now, there is no reason for me to sell my WIN holdings as they are a solid source of earnings I managed to grow over time adding up to over 25$ last week now. Of course, if the price continues to drop, they aren't worth much but as long as the payouts continue to go in the direction they are going this should not happen.


It was a quiet week again for and the SBET token which dropped a bit in value given the fact that dividends previous weeks were around 0.5% weekly. The dividends last week now come at around 0.7% weekly which can be seen as the average norm for coins like this.

EOS is still lagging behind and there is very little hype around it despite it being an excellent blockchain for something like a sportbook.

That's it for this week.

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