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Another week and more Dividend payouts from both and I continue to keep close track of everything bringing reports weekly as a lot of this info is not so easy to find anywhere. I'm sure it will be useful to at least some readers. Record Dividends

Dividends this week from were at a record high since I started tracking. The current price
75.81$ with the Dividends that were paid out this week would give weekly dividends of 1$ or +1.32%. This seems to be mostly due to many investing unfreezing their win which means dividends are shared between fewer investors making them higher / vulnerable when more WIN gets frozen over time. Currently, only around 14% of all WIN that will ever be in circulation is frozen and qualifies for the rewards.

In the meantime, the price of WIN vs TRX keeps on dropping and the chart is not looking all that good. News | DICE Listing

The DICE sub-token which can be mined by playing the games on the sites and also pays part of the site revenue as dividends finally got listed on both Polonidex and From what it looks like, they are being dumped on the market as users/investors don't really thrust Wink.

The problem with these DICE tokens is that pretty much more are being created and the entire system is simply not scalable and it only really helps to get the action going early on as miners play the games expecting to lose money by playing hoping the dividends over time will make up for these losses. Once it gets too hard to mine and dividends are being distributed over more tokenholders, players just move to the next Ponzi mining gambling dapp trying to pull the same get in early strategy.

If you want to calculate the real value of DICE tokens based on the dividends and the expected returns, it becomes a really difficult exercise because there are so many factors. You basically know there is an inflationary token model, it's a big question mark if dividends, as they are now, will hold up, with what looks to be the new altcoin season, people also seem more inclined to search for the next moonshot coin I guess. Add to all that the fact that wink has a history of swapping the ANTE token for WIN highly inflating the coin in what was basically a Ponzi Reset and it's hard to make a case for buying DICE tokens even at prices that seem really low compared to the expected dividends.

Most WIN Dividends currently come from the DICE games. From everything the site earns daily from the DICE games, 50% flows back to DICE token holders, 35% goes to WIN token holders, and 15% to Developers. Since most of the Dividends come from the DICE games, what can be expected to be paid out right now in dividends for holding DICE can roughly be calculated from the numbers below. and their tokens that give dividends remains a tale with 2 sides. On the one hand, they do have a working product and quite a lot of active players who provide the project with real revenue. The fact that they actually have poker action is also quite impressive and I continue to enjoy playing on their tables when I have some time. On the other hand, the entire tokenomics are quite scammy and are unlikely to hold up in the long run if you ask me. The price of WIN can't keep up with the current altseason that seems to be ongoing and investors aren't really happy. There generally also is very little confidence in the team. For now, I will just keep holding on to the WIN I cost-averaged as I'm up overall because of the systematic daily dividends, not even counting quite some Poker winnings I managed to grind out againt quite weak opponents that are on their site. I will continue to monitor everything seeing where it all goes... Dividends

I honestly expected somewhat of a drop in Dividends compared to the year-high which was reached last week (Post Link). I was wrong on this as the dividends this week increased even more by +36% which brought about a nice payday. As it always goes, the price moves up and down along with the dividends and it saw a +30% increase (in Dollar) in the last 7 days. I was ready to sell some but seeing the dividends who were on track to break the record, I used my liquid EOS to buy some more before the big pump.

My main concern right now is the fact that they haven't been able to increase the number of individual bettors despite the fact that they have quite a solid product. I again unstaked around 20% of my holdings with an eye to possibly sell in case there are signs of the dividends getting a hit. Aside from this, I can only be happy about my investment in SBET so far as the average price I cost-averaged myself into it is way below the current price in EOS while the weekly dividends are getting more significant.

This bookie has so much potential growth but it will certainly be a challenge for it to become more widely adopted. The current marketcap based on coins in circulation (40%) is around 1.7 Million Dollar.

Both SBET and WIN remain an extremely high-risk investment. I will continue to track both closely and bring regular reports on the news and the dividends

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