Sports Betting Blockchain Projects | July 2021 Report

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I try to stay up to date with all the latest news and developments from Blockchain Projects that offer Sports Betting making a report each month with my personal experience and insights on how this space is evolving.

Market Overview

Most news with these coins comes during the altcoin season since all eyes are on them at that time. I did add one project to the list which I have gotten to know about thanks to one of the comments on these monthly reports which I had a brief look at. this month, I'm mostly sticking to the price updates this month

Vanilla Network

From what I understand, will do something similar to Augur Turbo with betting using Liquidity Pools which is a concept I very much like. I can't say I'm a fan of the name though and when going to the website clucking on Head-To-Head bets and Play it doesn't do anything. So for now, I'm just keeping it on my radar and that's pretty much it.

Similar to many other altcoins, this one had a big pump followed by a dump and now going sideways which tends to be a good pattern if it actually is a good project which I'm currently not sure about.

I do however continue to track the supply change and volume on which seems to have had a nice WGR burn and a decreased volume as a lot of the retail crows has left during what seems to have been a crypto bear market.

MonthTotal Supply ChangeChangeTotal BetVolume $
July 2020+7,546,461 WGR---
August 2020+7,245,966 WGR-300,495 WGR--
October 2020+9,826,294 WGR+2,580,328 WGR--
November 2020+8,191,020 WGR-1,635,274 WGR--
December 2020+8,638,879 WGR+447,589 WGR--
January 2021+9,418,870 WGR+779,991 WGR570M WGR-
February 2021+7,682,182 WGR-1,736,688 WGR602M WGR1.2M
March 2021+5,039,730 WGR-2,642,452 WGR617M WGR1.4M
April 2021+6,980,895 WGR+1,941,165 WGR643M WGR3.3M
May 2021+10,224,155 WGR+3,243,260 WGR702M WGR3.0M
June 2021+16,215,873 WGR+5,991,718 WGR723M WGR623k
July 2021+15,156,116 WGR-1,059,757 WGR742M WGR655k

Listed Projects (CoinMarketCap)

01/07/2021 --> 28/07/2021

Rank+/-ProjectTokenMCapPrice24h Vol
127(+35)AugurREP288M26.19$ (+74.6%)84M
130 (-5)GnosisGNO284M188.93$ (+4.94%)8.3M
132(-8)WinkWIN275M0.000359$ (-8.33%)39M
170(-10)FUNTokenFUN173M0.01662$ (-1.8%)5.1M
xxx(-)Betfury.ioBFG44.2M0.027276$ (+11.56%)???
873(New)Vanilla NetworkVNLA9M13.67$ (-%)62k
926(+1)WagerrWGR7.5M0.03458$ (-9.7%)1.8k
xxx(-)Sportbet.oneSBET1M0.002514$ (-15.8%)???
1677(+147)Decent.BetDBET442k0.004247$ (+81.26%)1k
1789(-18)StoxSTX552k0.0109$ (+6.86%)1.2k
1853(+4)BlitzpickXBP448k0.001172$ (+48.9%)2.3k
2008(+13)ScorumSCR250k0.008482$ (+25.7%)2k
2909(+156)SportxSX-0.5326$ (+19.6%)459k
4500(-38)Bitbook GamblingBXK-0.02901$ (-21.8%)1.4k
4522(-)DegensDEGENS-1.30$ (%)-k
4706(-149)zensportsSPORTS-0.00006617$ (-15.7%)448$
4976(-3056)PeerplaysPPY-k-$ (-%)-k
-(-)BethereumBETHER--$ (-%)0$

Unlisted Projects

GifcoinGIFICO Book Profit

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I'll make sure to make a full post with more news of things that happened next month. Let me know if there is anything major I missed last month or if there are some more promising projects I have yet to take a look at. Thanks !

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Absolutely great post as usual mate. In depth and informative. Hope you're in for a great season in the black :-)