Sports Betting Blockchain Projects | November 2022 Report

I try to stay up to date with all the latest news and developments from Blockchain Projects that offer Sports Betting making a report each month with my personal experience and insights on how this space is evolving.

Market Overview

Looks like I missed making a post last month as things got busy and the world cup right now is being played which seems to have less of an effect on the betting activity on these projects than I hoped.

So the Sports betting platform of The Fun Token which I have been looking forward to for a long time was released and it's pretty solid. I already made an initial impression on it (See Post). Long story short, it's great but at the same time almost impossible to get into for the regular bettors since an external wallet needs to be used and tokens need to be swapped instead of just having a metamask implementation.

I do plan to use on a regular basis from here on out for bets on the Belgian league as I anticipate some really good odds. has been doing quite well getting some adoption during this bear market likely thanks to the world cup. While still small, the weekly number of individual users now reached above 300.

I split the numbers on between the last 2 months in my stats. The token continues to trade at a low price and at this point it's a matter of waiting for the next version to come out somewhere early next year which should bring some major improvements hopefully.

MonthTotal Supply ChangeChangeTotal BetVolume $
July 2020+7,546,461 WGR---
August 2020+7,245,966 WGR-300,495 WGR--
October 2020+9,826,294 WGR+2,580,328 WGR--
November 2020+8,191,020 WGR-1,635,274 WGR--
December 2020+8,638,879 WGR+447,589 WGR--
January 2021+9,418,870 WGR+779,991 WGR570M WGR-
February 2021+7,682,182 WGR-1,736,688 WGR602M WGR1.2M
March 2021+5,039,730 WGR-2,642,452 WGR617M WGR1.4M
April 2021+6,980,895 WGR+1,941,165 WGR643M WGR3.3M
May 2021+10,224,155 WGR+3,243,260 WGR702M WGR3.0M
June 2021+16,215,873 WGR+5,991,718 WGR723M WGR623k
July 2021+15,156,116 WGR-1,059,757 WGR742M WGR655k
August 2021+13,723,944 WGR-1,432,172 WGR764M WGR853k
September 2021+14,554,864 WGR+830,920 WGR794M WGR1.1M
October 2021+16,322,123 WGR+1,767,259 WGR833M WGR1.2M
November 2021+19,479,805 WGR+3,157,682 WGR930M WGR1.9M
December 2021+18,522,241 WGR-957,564 WGR1.037B WGR6.7M
January 2022+29,269,337 WGR+10,747,096 WGR1,165B WGR2.9M
February 2022+31,819,476 WGR+2,550,139 WGR1.217B WGR1.1M
March 2022+28,303,524 WGR-3,515,952 WGR1.284B WGR1.6M
April 2022+37,689,941 WGR+9,386,417 WGR1.351B WGR1.4M
May 2022+38,914,960 WGR+1,225,019 WGR1.383B WGR462k
June 2022+38,514,659 WGR-400,301 WGR1.393B WGR123k
July 2022+38,819,256 WGR+304,597 WGR1.403B WGR77k
August 2022+39,234,305 WGR+415,049 WGR1.423B WGR136k
September 2022+38,180,565 WGR-1,053,740 WGR1.449B WGR171k
October 2022+39,566,970 WGR+1,386,405 WGR1.484B WGR280k
November 2022+40,953,375 WGR+1,386,405 WGR1.518B WGR190k

Listed Projects (CoinMarketCap)

11/10/2021 --> 30/11/2022

Rank+/-ProjectTokenMCapPrice24h Vol
255(+13)FUNTokenFUN72M0.006536$ (-9.4%)2M
281(-9)AugurREP65M5.90$ (-14.3%)19M
-(-)Betfury.ioBFG44M0.0138$ (+2.68%)200k
-(-)SX NetworkSX16M0.1588$ (-5.3%)240k
-(-)Betswap.ggBSGG3.5M0.0023828$ (-24.6%)185k
1299(+0)WagerrWGR1.2M0.005601$ (-14.8%)385$
xxx(-)Sportbet.oneSBET954k0.002384$ (-20%)???
1382(+29)Dexsport.ioDESU918k0.01008$ (-11.6%)18k
1686(-131)Vanilla NetworkVNLA370k0.65$ (-49.1%)-
2235(-159)BlitzpickXBP46k0.00001209$ (-62%)269$
2452(00)Decent.BetDBET9k0.00005052$ (-35%)6$
3968(+2580)OwlDAOOWL5.9M0.01196 (+6.2%)71k
5560(-176)zensportsSPORTS-0.00001886$ (-42%)1.3k
-(-)Bitbook GamblingBXK---

GifcoinGIFICO Book Profit

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Let me know if there is anything major I missed last month or if there are some more promising projects I have yet to take a look at. Thanks !

Crypto & Blockchain-Based Bookies and Exchanges that I'm personally using as they allow anonymous betting with no KYC or personal restrictions...

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