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I continue to be invested in both the & platforms keeping a close track on how they are performing and bringing regular updates on it for those who might be interested...


By now, I have been tracking my WIN Dividends for over 200 days which makes it possible to zoom out and see if there has actually been steady growth. So that's what I did yesterday making a chart on the 100-Day moving average Dividends based on the Dollar value. It indeed shows slow but steady dividends in dollar value based on 1 Million WIN Staked.

Right now, the price of 1 Million WIN equals around 81.71$. Based on the 100-day moving average this provides a Daily dividend of 0.12$ which adds up to a 1.06% return on a weekly basis. The 21-day moving average is a bit lower around 0.11$ and 0.77% weekly. A lot depends on the price of TRX and a lot of other variables so it's hard to put an exact number on what can be expected.

Despite the fact that WIN has been decreasing in value compared to TRON (TRX) which frustrates many investors, the returns for dollars invested are quite nice and stable when cost-averaging your way in.

I have been cost-average buy/selling my way in depending on how dividends were doing and I am now at 13.75M WIN. Even though I have no intention to add more anytime soon, the temptation is always there as it directly helps to increase my passive crypto earnings. I do try to keep a balance as gains made on hype in the crypto world tend to be multiple times higher compared to gains based on an actual product that is having a revenue. There is also still only a small fraction of the WIN tokens staked to receive Dividends and a big part that went to mining SUN will over time flow back to get their share of the Dividends pool. Not even to mention the large number of tokens that are still being released to the team each month.

I managed to grow my weekly passive return from the platform now above 10$ on a weekly basis with a combination of WIN Staked (13.75M WIN) | RAKE Earned (2256 RAKE) | TRX SR Voting (12k TRX). I never gambled myself on the platform but do regularly play some poker there which gives a nice edge because of the weak opposition. The part of my poker bankroll I don't need instantly is locked up to collect some more passive TRX. 12$ a week might not be all that much, but a combination of having something like this from a lot of different crypto platforms and a potential for dividends on at least some of those the increase makes it all add up for sure. Dividends

Things have been rather quiet around and the dividends last week took a bit of a dip (likely due to fact that there were fewer sporting events because of the international break). I'm quite sure the team continues to work behind the scene to continue improving things. The last I've read was that they are working on a new live betting system which is 95% done and will be ready by next weekend. More things also seem to be happening around EOS with Google becoming a block producer who will eventually get inside of the top 21.

So things continue to look quite good overall for both platforms and I'm looking forward already to what the next couple of weeks will bring for them....

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