Linear Curve = Fairer Share Of The Pie

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Looking forward to getting my fair share of my vote back.

Sports has followed Leo and Stemgeeks by changing the curation rewards to a linear curve as of December 1st. This must be seen as a positive as now it doesn't matter if you vote on a post or a comment the rewards remain the same.

Personally I think this is very important as comments are worth their weight in gold and what keeps the communities alive. I see many posts with no comments and that is a sorry state as how many people have read them? The time and effort that has gone into that post for no comments is a dying shame.

Lately on sports I have been upvoting comments whether it is even just an entry into a competition or a much prized comment. My curation on sports has been miserable to say the least even though I am handing out 160 000 tokens per day which is around 32 Hive give or take.

I haven't been following how much curation that is being made from those votes until a day or so ago. The account should be getting back as close to 80 000 sports tokens per day and I am lucky to see 20 000 so a net loss of 60 000 per day.

The good news is the full 80 000 comes back to my account daily as long as I vote. That is a huge plus and one I am looking forward to as curating and reading posts is something I enjoy and knowing whatever I vote I am not being screwed by some early voter taking a huge slice of what I am voting.

Hive is a game as such in a different form that has been monetized and making things a little fairer seems the right thing to do. If you have the stake then you should be rewarded as that is the long term thinking.

I foresee less tokens hitting the exchanges now as the early voters don't necessarily have much stake and the game they were playing is over. We knew at some stage staking whatever you earn would pay off and now the time has come for those that did.

Really happy that Leo paved the way for others to follow as it shows it is the correct and only way to move forward. I have been one who has benefitted on Hive with timed curation and honestly that is not it for me anymore. I for one would like to see that change at some point as well as it has proven to have many more positives. Decent posts stand out and get rewarded like they should without gaming of votes. I receive more votes on Leo than I do on sports or any other tribe and that should say something.

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I would like to see linear come back on Hive and the time window removed. As long as people DV abuse :)

I agree that would promote more engagement, although you get plenty, it might double your workload answering comments! LOL

I wouldn't mind spending twice as long on comments. What would be even better, is to have so many people commenting across the system that instead of authors replying, people would have to reply to each other as well. What this would mean is that when the author does reply, it will generate a lot more content from it also.

I actually think it's fun to read the comments on a spirited post that gets people engaged, but not enraged :)
Plus I sometimes learn stuff reading the comments or I am entertained. I wondered briefly the first time a comment turned into a post if that was common, I think it is and I felt a little guilty at first, but I got over it.

I am definitely not a fan of the drama, though it does arrive from time to time.

The comments are where relationships are made, the content is just the hook to hang them on. I think a lot of people put work into the content, without building the relationships they need for it to be consumed. What I like is that I have relationships made here that I have maintained for years already and I hope to meet more of them in the real world in the future. All started from comments.


The comments are where relationships are made, the content is just the hook to hang them on. pure gold. I think it a great metaphor for the engagement process. Plus it highlights one of my greatest regrets, not going to Steemfest 2019 in Thailand and personally meeting people I met virtually on Steemit.

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DV is a must and needs to happen. Hopefully with manual curation people will stumble upon the posts that need to be nulled. Many have autovoter set up and don't even read anymore which is pointless.

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That will surely get you a ton more tokens, that reminds me that I should do an actifit post. It,s been a while since I got my step-count in.

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A shit house full more as nearly an extra 2 million per month. Will be looking out for it.

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Linear curation has some definate positives for removing the 5 minute window and voting quality posts high regardless of when you read them. It may also positively effect comments.

Definitely as comments hold the same value as voting on a post as there is no extra curation on offer. This gives curators a fair share of earning rewards by commenting and upvoting. I vote far more comments on Leo these days and it is because of the change.

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You reminded me of another point I use to make to newcomers, when you comment, you are the author, so you get a clear 50% of the comment rewards. When you upvote posts in non-linear reward systems your actual reward is dependent on the timing of your vote, the number of votes sharing the curation reward and ythe amount of your stake. So while on Leofinance, Sports and others who do linear curation your post upvote guarantees a return near one half your vote, on non-linear curation systems like Hive there is no such guarantee and calculating your curation rewards is much more complicated. (I suspect much smaller)

Very true as timing is everything and now on here it isn't along with sports and stemgeeks.

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I just have a doubt , won't this encourage the users to self-vote their comments ?

Don't mistake me , I think linear rewards is the best and would like to see it in Hive too .

If we see self commenting on comments then they rewards will be removed so don't worry.

Yeah, the flat curve makes a huge difference.

Its definately helped on Leofinance I think, but I am waiting for a report :)

I do like the linear adjustment on the second layer it makes upvoting more of a lottery on multi tagged posts making curating more fun and you don’t have to be so darn methodic to try and cream the best return and just upvote stuff you like which is more my vibe

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It is indeed positive in Sportstalksocial.

  • From an investor's perspective, it is very juicy.
  • Engagement will likely increase.

So autovotes and curation accounts are no longer in the advantage of the chunk of curation rewards.

Your right, I have a few hundred thousand tokens and my current curation has been disappointing, so now that this is in effect I will try to curate more.

That's true. the only way to earn more Sports are only two things :

  • Create valuable content that attracts Sports voters
  • Increase your stake to maximize the curation reward chunk

I just checked my curation reward too to see it's now fully effective and I am so happy, a lot is going to change in here as from now henceforth.

The engagement will also mean a lot for the platform.

Very nice. I am excited about this. I haven't been engaging a ton over on the Sports platform like I used to. I try to upvote comments on my posts though. It just feels like I am starting to spread myself really thin. With all of these great communities it is hard to focus your efforts when you have a lot of different interests.

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Thats good news.