My Alt Has The Same Vote Value As My Main Account

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The tribe tokens have totally transformed Hive from what we new it when they weren't around. The opportunity to grow is clear for everyone who has been playing close attention. I think I took my eye off the ball for a while but they are now firmly back on it.

I have spent 30 months growing my Hive account and have done everything to help it grow. There was nothing I wouldn't do and trust me it wasn't all fun and games along the way. Musing was a profitable growth period for many of us that participated and spending 8 hours a day everyday answering pointless questions for reward was tough going but would do it all again tomorrow (maybe).

I compare that to my alt account which to be honest I have done very little with and just saw it as a shadow that would follow my vote picking up crumbs. I have done a few posts using that account and more were in error than planned as not logging out correctly back and forth between both accounts.
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Today though with my sports token stake they hold the same value with voting. My main account has 46c or 3 Hive as my vote value so on the 50/50 it is half that. My sports account has a vote value of 20 000 sports and with the current sports value being 0.00016 that is 3.2 Hive so as you can see they are almost identical yet outside the sports tribe it has a dust vote value less than 0.01c.

I have not played the game with the alt account and wont as it is there to reward sports content whoever it might be. If tribes are going to grow and users stake then it needs to be used solely in that tribe. Giving 200 000 sports out everyday and not forgetting the alt account which if I am honest has been sitting idle for too many days over the last 6 months. I was voting one or two accounts every day but that was it and such a waste considering.

I think what Leo has done is added more interest back into Hive Engine these days and I will take all the tokens more seriously than what I had done previously. I think watching sports on a massive slide from day one had left me thinking I was holding a big bag of nothing and that is not the case. This has given me new belief in what is possible and will just keep staking no matter what happens.

I have always believed that at some point mass adoption will happen on Hive and it is just a matter of time. I am in no rush for it to happen overnight as I have a long way to go in growing both accounts. I am just still a bit surprised that the alt with no love from me holds the same value vote wise on something I have nurtured every day for 30 months.


I agree with you that Leofinance has reignited the confidence on tribe tokens. They demonstrated that the second layers tokens can be innovative and grow beyond the general expectations. Good that you have hodled all your SPORTS token. I m giving more attention to tribe tokens now.

LEO has for sure brought the excitement back and showed the possibilities of what can be done with an HE token which is great for other projects as they now see a roadmap of what they can do next and try to copy elements that make sense for their project

mY HE Token wallet is worth almost as much as my HIVE wallet, granted you can't really sell at those prices without bringing down the order book its still a pretty cool achievement and I think as BTC moves up anything remotely tied to it, gets a welcomed boost too so who knows where these things can go

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I haven't really been involved in the platform much the past two years..... Seeing Leo going up does make me interested, I was here when it started and it's something to be excited about. Khal has done a good job indeed, the UI, the community and his drive to make the platform viable. Deep respect for the man, I was quite surprised of the latest news I read.

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I agree I’ve stuck around since I found it back in 2016 and it’s been ups and downs but primarily upside! I see myself as being an angel investor in a lot of projects and you never know which one will take hold but that’s the fun part

That is pretty awesome about your account on SPORTS. I haven't done the numbers with my alt account lately, but I think the value is much less than yours. I have still been posting and staking as much as I can. Maybe some day...