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Welcome to Hive and Leofinance. I see you are using the Leofinance UI to post this. That is a good first step.

Leofinance is a community to discuss cryptocurrency and finance related topics. The other areas of interest you mentioned are worthwhile for Hive and have their appropriate communities. There is a place for all content on Hive.

We look forward to your posting and commenting about crypto and your experience iwht it.

How did you find this platform?

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I found it on Twitter I was just scrolling around and found it

Welcome to sportstalksocial community @demon-king. Looking forward to your articles on sports.

Thanks I will post good content


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Welcome to Weedcash! Looking forward to your cannabis content.

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Welcome to the Hive community. You just won a contest on Sportstalksocial. What a great start.. 😁

A warm welcome to you @demon-king. You can learn a lot of things on here that will help you grow as a blogger.
You can learn about finance on Leo finance and meet great people.
Yes there's rewards for exercising and working out,you just download the actifit app and post about your daily activities directly to get the rewards. The community will reach out to you btw.
Have fun and enjoy yourself

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