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RE: Top 50 Sports Tokens Reached .:. My Hive Goals

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What a great milestone! Congrats!
Thanks to Actifit I do have a nice amount of Sports tokens, though not sure where I am at the moment on that list because of the delegation to @ctpsb but I do prefer to delegate them to give them a better use than just accumulating and watching them grow.
By mistake, I've been adding your main account as the benefactor of the Actifit's fixed now 😅 so I hope you get even more rewards on your ActiReports :)
Keep walking!


Thanks for the comment... I have put my SPORTS token in use and they curate others... So, no waste of them... ;) And I think that you are on the list for upvotes by that account... so, win-win :)

Thanks for the benefactor rewards! Have a great weekend!