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RE: Second Layer Curation, Still my Best Investment Option on Hive: I gave out $150 and earned $123 in form of LEO & SPORTS in November

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I took a look at your account over on HiveStats and see that you really are a staking machine! What's that old saying? "*Give and you shall receive." It turns out that it's true on Hive and LeoFinance, just as it is in the real world. As a student, I wish I had the funds to power my curation like that, but it's growing slowly and steadily.

Your post reminded me that I have a small stake in SPORTS tokens and can't remember the last time I created a post over there. As an Eagles fan, I should have a little something to say about my favorite team. I'm wondering if there is any one thing that sparked the sudden interest in SportsTalk? It's good to see the content creators over there finally getting some attention. KEEP GOING! :)


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Yeah, we are still in the beginning of things. Everything will shape up in the near term when every hands are put on deck to grow the Hive chain. The second layer communities are driving the revolution in Hive and its something everyone should get involved with.

Thanks for commenting.

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Thanks very much man. I'll continue to load up the Hive tokens in my curation portfolio while they are cheap. I do not want to regret not being a part of it in the formative years.

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