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Well the lockdown and Covid crisis did make me leave sports-betting behind. Multiple reasons for this. In the beginning there wasn't anything to bet on, and when the sports did start again I was too much distracted by other gambling related stuff.

But it is time to return back to an old love, named sports-betting. Since half of October I did deposit some funds on 2 regular bookies in my country and I am planning to also deposit some funds with an online bookie.

Since them I have played around and did try some different stuff. But because I didn't had a proper record keeping this is the first thing that had to be settled. Normally I would create my own betting tracking sheet, but I decided to use one which I could download freely from the internet!
That was the easy part, the hard work was to go through my history at the two bookies to fill them into the record sheet.

Knowledge is one of the most important things when placing some bets. Not only about the games you are going to bet on, but also about your own strengths and weaknesses! With this last part some decent record keeping can help a lot.
The problem in the beginning is that the sample size is just too small to have a good insight, but this knowledge will grow day by day, bet by bet!

At the moment my sample size is only 159 bets. Way to short to pin point some strengths, but good enough to find some weaknesses!
My win rate at the moment is 45.9% resulting into a net profit of 4.88 units. That is a ROI of 4.6%, which beats probably 95% of the sports bettors. But like I wrote above the sample size is at the moment just way too small!

Let's have a deep dive into my bets!



As you can see, football (soccer for some of you) is my main playground and more important a profitable play ground! So I for sure should stick to this!
More important here are the tennis bets! A so called 90% hit rate resulting into a loss of 2.4 units! I have to be honest most of these tennis bets were live bets out of boredom!



Okay Football was and hopefully stays a profitable playground. But we still can divide this up into smaller parts!
Almost 50% of all bets played, were placed on the Jupiler Pro League! The football competition I do know the best. This is also shown in the figures with a 67% hit rate and 20 units profit. A whopping ROI of 37% which probably isn't sustainable.
You can also see that the Champions League did hurt me the most with a loss of almost 6 units, caused by a lousy hit rate of 25%. I just had too much faith in Inter Milano and Real Madrid. Ouch! Lessons learned!

Betting types!


Also important is having an insight in the different kind of bets you play and which ones are the winning an loosing ones.
It is no surprise that in my case the 1X2 bet was the milk cow until now. Most of these bets were of coursed player on the JPL.
The jackpot bets are pool bets. These a bets against other players who did fill in a ticket for the pool. The number behind it indicates how much game were on the ticket! While I do like to play these, the record does show that these kind of bets aren't my cup of tea! If I do play them I should stick to the ones with only 5 games on the ticket!

the plan!

Well the plan is to keep on betting and more important recording my bets. This will give me more and more insight into my strengths and weaknesses!
I have no plans to write preview post about my bets. I do have the intention to write posts about my progress!


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They just opened up sports betting in my state. I have been trying to decide if I want to sign up for one of the many apps that are out there now. They are bombarding us with commercials during pretty much every single sporting even that is on TV. All of the places are giving away at least $100 in free cash to place bets when you sign up for a new account. It is pretty crazy.

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You can always try to grab some free money to bet with and see how it works from there!
Here it is legal as long as the bookie has a real office in the country and did obtain a license for online sports betting.
Good luck!

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Yeah, I am thinking about it. I know my brother in law signed up for just about every one available so he has close to $1000 in free money waiting to get going!

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