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I guess its a good move and thank you for posting , we need a lot of votes to move the proposal .

Right now we have only 19% for the proposal . We need 51%.

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Love to see a discussion about this. I think this a good first step to take in order to get some tokens out of the system. Other tribes are already using this, but maybe not so high as 50%, but they don't have the same issue with the token supply either.

The idea is to incentives people to come over to Sportstalksocial and when the numbers go up we can earn more from ads as well.

I think this proposal is a value add to additional proposals down the line. I don't believe that this proposal is a requirement but I do believe that this proposal will help build for value down the line. What I believe really drives value is the attention economy and the burn that comes from advertising to that attention. Right now that's SPORTS' real issue is that we have no value coming into the tribe.

I partnered with the Hive Engine team to display ads through our site but they haven't made any payments towards this since 2019. This led to a negative feedback loop where less value caused less attention and less attention inevitable led to less value. LEO on the other hand went with CoinZilla for advertising who has been continuing to help burn LEO from the marketplace and support value creation. This creates a positive feedback loop where more value brings more attention. More attention inevitably breeds more value.

This proposal has been labelled a tax but I would actually consider it more of a tariff if anything. The proposal is saying that if you are using other tribes sites then you are not contributing to the attention flow of this tribe in the same way and thus the potential for more eyeballs for advertisers we could bring on is replaced with an automated burn.