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RE: Splinterland's Equalizer Battle challenge.

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Nice review of your game! I am not going to play this game, but I’m sure it is interesting for people who are thinking about joining the game.


You can say it might be bit time consuming and ask for constant investment but rewards are great specially if you have got level 4 summoners and up.

I believe that. If the tactics of the game is something that you enjoy then I totally get it if people only do splinterlands and stop most other activities in the blockchain.

A couple years before, when I was still single I might have tried out splinterlands. But now I simply have no time.

After writing a blog and responding to comments I usually only just find a little time to look at dcity, cryptobrewmaster and my other investments.

I have now also started a risingstar account, but I have told myself that it is ok if I ignore that completely on some days.

Yes, I love to watch my full battle instead of skipping them.

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Ah, so you don’t do anything during the battle correct. You set up your team and then you let it play against the opponents?

I leave very occasionally, because in most cases it cause me to fled the battlefield.
Not good in multiprocessing multitasking.

But I play 2 accounts simultaneously.

Ok, why do you play two accounts? Is that to get more season rewards? I heard something about that.

More season rewards, more daily rewards and more DEC.